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10 Disadvantages of Assignment Writing Task And How You Can Workaround It

Feb 2,18

Speaking of student life, homework and assignments are assumed to be an integral part of the same. They hold as much significance as does the exams. Different universities have different mandates around assignment writing. And, universities in and around Australia give them due to significance. As a consequence, bachelors and masters students, need to work on regular assignments.

Before we even begin to discuss the fear that the task brings along, we need to first understand its significance in the education system.

  1. Assignment writing allows students to identify a topic and work around the same. Giving them an opportunity to attain a better understanding.
  2. They need to research and bring about relevant information to prove a hypothesis. Whereby, giving them an opportunity to enhance their research skills.
  3. In this virtual world, we have lost touch with our writing skills. And, assignment writing task provides us with the perfect scope to brush those skills.
  4. It helps us to build concepts and be better prepared for the examination
  5. The task motivates students to focus on a given topic and work around the same

This is why the task holds due relevance and it is mandatory for the students to work on assignments, during the course of their college education.

Universities in Australia offer a great educational ecosystem for the students. While they offer great infrastructural facilities and expertise, it is the students that make the system great. And, this collaborative effort by the administration, the teaching faculty, and students are what acts as a great motivator for thousands of new students; who join the universities every year. While they feel proud to associate with some of the renowned universities in the world, to complete their college, the effervescence dies down shortly. This is all because of the overwhelming expectations. From succeeding in their studies to taking time out for families, to excelling in a sport; it becomes a tad too much. Each student comes along with a background of aspirations and limitations. Some have family issues, while others deal with financial constraints. And, to deal with this overwhelming pressure of assignment writing, only adds to the pressure.

  1. Students are tied to a lot of things, like regular homework and family requirements
  2. They deal with financial concerns and need to work part-time/evening hours
  3. Most of them are not thorough with research work
  4. Some are simply not good at the subject
  5. They have no interest in assignment writing
  6. Someone wants to dedicate time to a sport or practice music
  7. Others are more keen on the practical aspects like an internship
  8. They do not understand the university guidelines for assignment writing. It’s too complicated for them.
  9. International students are not well versed with the language and accent
  10. They deal with the overwhelming pressure of competition, the need to excel, and deal with anxiety or depression

These could only be some of the concerns that become a roadblock to the task of assignment writing. Moreover, this is a well-known fact that every student might not be interested in working on a given topic, he/she might be keener towards a different niche. It could also be possible that they are pursuing the course due to some other reasons like the family business, unavailability of the seat in course of choice, etc. Under all such scenarios, when they are given a deadline for the task of assignment writing, they begin to stress out. Studies have revealed that at least 40% of college students deal with varying levels of stress and anxiety. Their performance in the examinations and these very assignments, make them fear competition.

Assignment writing services offer professional expertise for assignment writing, to keep students out of this trouble. Students can research on various web portals or take feedback from seniors or peers to choose the best assignment services, team. Someone where the experts hold a lot of experience and where they have already helped thousands of students to fetch the top scores. While there are many service providers who offer these assignment help services, it is only a chosen few who extend the best quality.

  • Students must lookout for someone who offers the best assignments at the most affordable charges. Other significant aspects are:
  • Sticking to the discussed deadline
  • Being available to resolve any queries that the student might have, 24*7;
  • Offering free samples so that one gets a fair view of the process, depth of research, expertise on the subject, the format of the assignment
  • Someone where the team of experts understands the basic guidelines shared by different Australian universities
  • Where the team is adept at Australian English, which will be the basic language of assignment writing

While assignment writing task can be a tedious one, it surely adds to one’s learning. While students can get their assignments worked upon by professionals, they must get a thorough understanding of the topic. An assignment that uses simple language and is comprehensively put together, will most certainly provide them with this opportunity. They can clear their concepts and score good grades in the examination.

February 2, 2018

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