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50 MBA Assignment Topics for Students

May 25,18

Still pondering over how to get started with writing your next MBA Assignment? Even more so, is the fact that you are clueless about what you will write on? You need not fear this thought process. It is a natural occurrence of a student mind. The solution to overcoming such problems is to meticulously plan and place a system in place that will help you start the process of writing and more importantly choosing the right assignment topic.

mba assignment topicsIt is essential that the right topic is chosen when starting an MBA Assignment. Ensure that you choose a college essay topic that engages your interest. It should also be noted that the topic should also generate a great amount of interest in the reader too. You need to have a bit of audacity to choose an off-beat topic. Usually, readers tend to refrain or lose interest in essay topics that have been stereotyped. In case you do have the difficulty to select a topic to kick start your assignment, you can avail the MBA assignment help services that are available online.

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There are several categories through which a student can select a topic. To ease your life out, we have arranged the popular categories or genres from where you could select and start writing a great MBA assignment. Presenting to you are 16 popular categories that have thought-provoking topics. Hopefully, these topics will help you decide the right kind of subject you would wish to write about.

I Human Resource Management

  • The employee selection process by an HR elaborated in detail
  • Elaborate the constitutional and non-statutory benefits for employees in a company or organization

II Managerial Communication Topics

  • Examining the barriers in communication in a company or organization. What are the solutions to negate these issues?
  • Deliberate Group Discussion and oral presentations.

III Financial Management Topics

  • Deducing the current status of the country’s financial system.
  • Discovering the techniques used in measuring the risk present in the capital budgeting decision.

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IV Operations Management Topics

  • Could you define the manufacturing system types with examples?
  • Characterizing small business entrepreneurship and management.

V MBA Assignment Topics

  • Defining material requirement planning as well as its counterpart capacity requirement planning.
  • What are the aspects that affect the plant location of a manufacturing business?
  • Is there a belief, that entrepreneurs are born and not made? Could you illustrate examples?

VI Functional Management Topics

  • The various development programs available in a country and measuring the uses of entrepreneurship.
  • Are you familiar with the performance appraisal of employees in a company or business? Could you explain those?
  • Describing profitability ratios with examples.
  • Give a detailed knowledge of new product development.

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VII The process of Re-engineering

  • What is balance scorecard and benchmarking? Explain in detail.
  • In a pre-existing re-engineering process, what are the factors that are needed to be considered?
  • What are the differences in government and private sector organizations in terms of potential BPR and scope?
  • Are there potential risks of re-engineering a process? Explain thoroughly.
  • What is the need for process re-engineering and why?

VIII Material Management Topics

  • What are the forecasting techniques used in materials management? Could you discuss its application in detail?
  • Understanding the fundamentals of what supply chain management is.
  • Explaining factors that need consideration in designing and using supply chain information while integrating it into the system.
  • Explain the techniques in detail used in managing a global supply chain.

IX Financial Services Topics

  • Explain the different stages involved in venture capital financing.
  • Could you state the different types of mergers? Kindly elaborate the same.

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X Working Capital Management Topics

  • While gauging a magnitude of the firm, what are the factors influencing the firm’s working capital needs?
  • Could you explain how a firm is affected with respect to the investment, in terms of receivables through the collection policies?

XI Counselling Assistance of a Manager

  • Explain in detail, the steps associated in counselling?
  • Review the manager counselling skills in an organization of which you are familiar with.
  • Elaborate on the applications and roles of counselling in organizations.
  • Define the importance of manager counselling skills for employees?
  • Give a detailed explanation about the challenges faced in today’s counselling for managers
  • How have manager counselling skills evolved throughout the past few years?
  • Give a brief on the current techniques used in counselling. Discuss at least three current techniques used in counselling giving examples.

XII Taxation for Corporates

  • What are direct and indirect taxes?
  • How does corporate taxation affect employees?
  • State ways in which corporate taxation can be improved.
  • Using an example of an organization you are familiar with, discuss corporate taxation.
  • In terms of corporate taxation, explain the challenges that are faced by businesses in terms of corporate taxation?
  • What are the requirements present in central sales tax?

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XIII Project Management

  • What are the strategies involved in project planning? Kindly illustrate.
  • Is it necessary to use a CPM or a PERT program in business planning?

XIV International Marketing

  • Debate the essential steps considered in international pricing.
  • What are the trends in business for export promotion zones in your country?

XV Operation research

  • How to use a decision tree analysis? Explain with examples.
  • Deliberate simulation and what are its limitations.

mba assignmentsXVI Management Decision Support System

  • Give an in-depth understanding of what data acquisition and model acquisition is.
  • What are the various forms of decision support systems?
  • In what way does the support system for management decision affect outcomes? Give a glimpse on the same.

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Picking up from these topics will help you give you a great head start for choosing the right topic. Ensure that you go through the topics and select the one which interests you the most. This will give you an upper hand in relating to the topic and collating information will get a bit easier as you now know what you want to write on. The listing will also be of advantage to assignment experts who cater to the management assignment help services. So, what are you waiting for? Start scanning through the list and start working on the topic which you think you could ace in explaining. Finally, you can prepare a sturdy MBA assignment that can fetch you good grades.

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May 25, 2018

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