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Accounting Information System Case Study

Oct 29,18

Students pursuing degrees in accounting and finance often study accounting information systems (AIS). The following article talks about how students can prepare a case study on an accounting information system and what factors they should consider while preparing such an academic assignment. It also includes some generalized tips from our accounting experts.

A Brief Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

The main aim of an accounting information system in any business is to document all the financial data of the company and convert it into financial information that can be useful for the decision-makers of the company. In other words, an accounting information system would gather, store and process all the accounting data and produce useful reports from the same. Our finance assignment help experts can give you more details about the various features and principles of an AIS.

Students are generally given case studies to understand the accounting practices of various companies. The students are further expected to enquire the practicality of a phenomenon in the accounting field. They have to understand why a company uses certain accounting practices or why individual organizations have their specific accounting information systems.

Case studies can be of two types here: positive and imperative. A positive case study must be descriptive. It includes generalized findings and has a statistical approach. An imperative case study, on the other hand, has a theoretical approach and it seeks explanations for a particular phenomenon. If you find it difficult to write case studies you must consider a writing service that provides you with samples and easy solutions to your problems.

How to Prepare A Case Study of Accounting Information System?

Students might be given a brief description of the accounting information system currently used in a company and can be asked to examine its uses and role in the organization. Sometimes they can be given a question about a firm that wants to incorporate an accounting information system. The students will then have to understand the situation, research and suggest what kind of software the company can use. Students often have to analyze and provide their recommendation based on their study.

Our experts have seen that students often find writing such solutions difficult. They must have a thorough knowledge of the accounting information systems. They should also know how to translate their ideas into arguments. With our accounting assignment help, we provide a comprehensive guide to the students on how they can write a better case study in accounting. Have a look at our accountancy assignment help samples and you will get a better idea of how case studies are written.

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Here are some quick steps that you can follow to write better answers to accounting information system case study:

Read The Student Instructions Carefully

The most important step is to understand carefully what you are asked to do in the question. Is there a word limit? Do you have to provide some recommendations of your own? What should be the format of the document? You might be asked to collect certain evidence, outline the key features of the system, compare and contrast or provide appropriate explanations. Just make a checklist of all such requirements so that you can refer to it while preparing your answers.

Describing The Problem

You might be given a problem description. Read that carefully and mark all the key terms. Our experts have seen that students do not pay attention to it and then at the end are not able to cover all the key aspects of the problem that is stated to them.

Stating The Objective

Your case study must have a clear objective. You should know the different issues whose solutions you are going to provide through your case study. For example, you might be asked to provide with a solution of how a company can maintain the customer details, sales data and stock details. You might also have to suggest how your solutions can be implemented. So make sure you are clear with what kind of solution you have to prepare.

List of Constraints

Find the constraints mentioned in the question and see how these constraints can affect your findings and solutions that you want to propose. Students tend to ignore this part of the case study which is quite crucial if you want to generate precise outcomes.

Findings and Scope of Future Research

Students are generally asked to mention the opportunities and challenges of the system that they are studying. Then based on those opportunities and challenges you have to suggest how further research can be conducted on the topic, what things should other researchers focus on and what further solutions they can suggest. This section requires your problem-solving and analytical abilities. Students can face challenges in generating logical arguments in this section. In such a case they can consider our accountancy assignment help and seek guidance from our experts.

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An accounting information system is built by the goals of a particular company. It should be simple, effective, reliable as well as timely. Preparing a case study on accounting information systems requires a thorough knowledge about them and the ability to research further. Our assignment writing service can help you in understanding the requirements of your case study and will provide you with a clear process of how to write effectively. Connect with our accountancy experts today for getting help in accounting information system case studies.


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October 29, 2018

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