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Tips to Make The Attractive Assignments Front Page With Examples

Aug 31,18

The front page of your assignment file is as important as any other section of it. Although creating the front page is a simple step of the assignment writing process many times students do not pay much attention to its formatting and presentation. If created well, the assignment cover can surely put a great impact on your instructors and readers.

You should consider the cover page as a brief preview of your assignment. For those think how they can create an appealing title page they can consider taking assignment writing help from professionals assignment writers. They will provide exclusive templates to you based on your essay type. To begin with, let us have a look at some common yet important assignment front page format examples that can help you in making your cover page the best one.

Different Types of Assignment Front Page Design Samples

Standard Assignment Cover Page

An assignment title page includes some general information about the student, the subject, an assignment title, and the instructor’s name. In certain cases, the teachers provide a format for assignment cover. But if they do not you should make sure that you are including all the important fields.

The following sample depicts a standard format that you can use for your assignments. You can mention all your details here such as your name, subject details, assignment title, submission date, and due date. Another important thing in this sample is the declaration that your assignment is free from plagiarism.

     Standard Assignment Cover Page

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Case Study Cover Page

A case study is an academic assignment that involves an in-depth analysis of a phenomenon or situation. In general, the format of a case study title page should include elements like title, institution’s name and presenter’s name(s). For your reference, consider the given front-page assignment sample for a case study.

Case study Assignment Cover Page

Research Paper Cover Page

A research paper is written to present your arguments, findings, and solutions to a certain problem, social situation or trend. You can prepare the research paper for an academic community or you may do it as a part of your academic curriculum. The title page of an academic research paper includes the researcher’s name, the topic of the research, the supervisor’s name and university details of the student. It can also include a running head. The indentation and spacing of the cover page depend upon the referencing style student has chosen such as APA or MLA. Here is an example of the research paper cover page.

Research Paper Cover Page

Book Cover Page Format

A book cover page generally includes the title of the book and the name of the author. You may provide an image or a one-line description of the book. Here is an example for you. You may see that this cover page also provide information about the publishers which is a good point to mention.

Book Cover Page Format

Lab Report Cover Page

Students often have to maintain a laboratory file in which they keep a record of all their experiments, observations and conclusions. You may easily prepare the lab report assignment front page format in Word and include all the necessary course details. Have a look at this example which contains a proper heading, the name of the department, student details such as course, semester, instructor’s details, lab details and also the details of the students who collectively prepared the report.

Lab Report Cover Page

Article Review Title Page

It is another important assignment given to the students in which they have to understand someone else’s article and provide an accurate summation of the same. Sometimes students are asked to create a separate title page for this assignment and sometimes they just have to merge that with the assignment. Consider one of the article review assignment front page examples here. It doesn’t contain a separate title page yet it gives clear information to the reader about the topic, university details and the details of the reviewers.

Article Review Title Page

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More Tips on Creating A Compelling Assignment Title Page

  • If you want to make the front page of the assignment file more appealing you should consider using a template. It will allow you to place and present all the information correctly. This will be helpful in case you have no clue how to proceed with the cover page.
  • Your cover page should always adhere to the referencing format you are following in the rest of your assignment. The presentations requirements of every referencing format vary hence make sure you are following that on the title page as well. Â For example, in APA referencing format the title of the page, appears somewhere in the middle of the page and is always aligned centre.
  • Always go through some assignment front page design samples before creating your title page. This will make you familiar with what practices other students select to make their cover page look more presentable.

From the above examples, you might have observed that for different types of assignments, the requirements to create a cover page vary. Do seek assistance from an expert in case you face issues while designing the cover page. We provide the most authentic and buy assignment online to the students. So if you want to make a good first impression of your assignment, our assignment providers can provide you with an assignment front page format in Word based on your instructor’s guidelines and assignment requirements.

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The first page of your assignment is also very critical when preparing an assignment. It must be imaginative and exclusive so that readers remain committed and connected to the overall assignment.

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August 31, 2018

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