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Balance of Nature – Everything You Should Know

Dec 24,19

Nature has always been a fascinating topic to study and contains within its endless mysteries to fathom. Science has always been focused on understanding and unfolding the various layers of nature. Now you must have encountered the term ‘balance of nature’ often and pondered over what it means. For most students, this is also a topic that they have to concern themselves with as part of their course work.

What is the balance of nature?

The subject of ecology concerns itself with the study of the complex ecosystem which consists of all living organism. The term was coined by two Greek words ‘Oikos’ meaning house and ‘logos’ meaning the treatment of a subject. Since the environment is a house where all beings co-exist, Ecology is the study of how there is an interrelation between all living matter.

Balance of nature is a notion on the same lines which talks of equilibrium between living organisms. Be it human beings, plants, animals or other living creatures, they all are dependent on each other for their survival. When they share a harmonious relationship, it results in a healthy ecological balance. This is what is known as the balance of nature. Even air, water and surroundings are an integral part of this balance.

Living things cannot stay as separate entities but are rather part of this humongous system where energies continuously circulate, are transformed and also absorbed. Take bees for example that might be a small organism but play such a pivotal role in the ecosystem. It is due to pollination activity carried out by them that helps plants to thrive and spread out. As surprising as it may sound but one out of three bites of morsel that goes in our mouth is all thanks to these tiny buzzing creatures.

The conception of this theory 

Nature has existed for just as long as mankind and they have played a crucial role for one another. Life on this planet would not have been suitable for any organism has it not been for the perfect atmospheric and environmental conditions. No one understands perfect balance the way nature does where everything functions in parity with others.

In ancient times, this was evident through the predator and prey relationship. Every species grows in moderation and the predators do not consume their prey in excess. The balance always exists and helps each group on different points of the food chain to survive in the same environment. The carnivorous feed on the herbivorous in limitations and also curb their disproportionate growth which can harm plant life.

Balance of nature is a theory that arose after careful study and ecological research. It has long been a medium for the effective management of natural recourses. Based on this theory, many conservationists strongly believe that nature should be left to its device and any tampering with it will spoil the ecological balance. This also means putting an end to unnecessary human involvement which is harming nature.

Impact of human intervention 

Some of the extreme weather changes, a sudden rise in extinction and the overall threat that looms on many species show that there has been an imbalance in nature brought by humans. According to conservationists, human activity is not compatible with the ecosystem and is disturbing its balance. There is evident proof to support this theory which can be seen in harsh rains, floods and landslides in the northern part of Indian subcontinent which happened due to excessive deforestation.

On the other hand, a human activity aimed at restoring nature is visible in Latin America’s rainforests which exists only because of transplanting by locals. Many aboriginal tribes conduct themselves in a way that is supportive of the ecological system.

Why the balance of nature is important? 

Life on this planet has sustained so long because of the balance of nature. When everything in the ecosystem works in sync with each other, there is no unrest. It means sufficient food for all living beings and good climatic conditions. This kind of environment also allows all organisms to thrive and multiply in a suitable ratio.

Human beings play a very crucial role in ensuring that this ecological balance remains stable. As the most evolved species with the highest thinking capacity, they have a greater responsibility towards nature. By ensuring balance, humans will not only create good living conditions for themselves but will also benefit the planet.

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December 24, 2019

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