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Top 10 College Essay Topics that Draw Attention

Jan 31,19

Deadlines are approaching and you haven’t decided the essay topic yet? Well, we all understand finding the right essay topic is a challenging task. To make it simpler, students often choose a topic which sounds easy to them. However, they can increase their chances of getting better scores by choosing a topic that is interesting in the first place before deciding if writing on the topic would be feasible to them or not. The following article will present how you can come up with an interesting topic along with top 10 examples.

Tips  to Choose Interesting Topic

Choose a topic that you can present uniquely

Many students consider an assignment provider for a unique essay title. However, our experts suggest that students should focus more on how interestingly they can present a topic no matter if it has been used by someone else before. If you have a different perspective to present you should choose that title.

Pick a topic that is trending

Topics like artificial intelligence, online learning, startups and entrepreneurship are some of the trending areas today. Similarly, whichever topic you pick to make sure that it is something that everyone wants to learn about today. The more relevant the topic the more interesting it would sound.

Consult a professional

If you can’t brainstorm further, seek help from someone who is an expert of your subject. They can help you in understanding the scope of your subject and how you can narrow it down. For example, we, at GoAssignmentHelp, have subject masters that can help students in selecting intriguing topics for their essays that not only help in fetching better scores but also increase their knowledge.

Pick the right category of essay

Throughout your academic career, you might be given different kinds of essays to work upon such as:

    • Narrative Essay – A narrative essay brings out a point of view through storytelling. You need to explain a perspective through relevant examples and detailed explanation.
    • Descriptive Essay – As the name suggests, the descriptive essay demands you to describe a phenomenon, object, theme, situation, person or experience. It generally involves a free form of writing where the writer can clearly present his/her opinions to involve the audience.
    • Analytical Essay – In this category of essays, one has to present a review or analyze a topic. This could be anything ranging from a book, a social policy, poems, films, trends in the society and works of other authors. You would require presenting your arguments with valid examples and points that support them.
    • Comparison Essay – As it is clear from the name, this essay compares and contrasts two or more things with each other. You may require presenting advantages, disadvantages, similarities or dissimilarities of the concepts. This kind of essay requires a structured presentation.

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    • Expository Essay – It is a short-length essay which describes someone’s opinions on a subject or a theme. Unlike analytical essays, you do not have to analyze a topic rather you are required to present your views on the topic after keen observation and analysis.
    • Classification Essay – This essay provides an opportunity for the writers to classify a topic or an object into certain categories based on their characteristics. It requires good analytical as well as observational skills to write a successful classification essay.
    • Persuasive Essay – This essay is written to specifically pursue the readers as per your point of views. You have to present strong reasons to support your point. These kinds of essays are used as a foundation for a discussion or debate.

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  • Argumentative Essay – As the name suggests, you need to present an argument on a topic. It could be anything from a social phenomenon, a system or a practice going on in society. You need to discuss the merits and demerits of the same.
  • Definition Essay – In this category of essays one needs to define a topic so that the readers can understand the fundamentals and facts related to the topic. It does not include the writer’s opinions but the standard definitions.
  • Deductive Essay – This essay can be used to test the validity of a hypothesis. In this essay, you are required to draw out conclusions, generalizations and analysis of a certain principle. Sociology students often have to write deductive essays.

List of 10 Interesting Essay Topics

Here is a list of 10 topics that you may choose as a reference while brainstorming the right essay topic for you.

  • A narrative essay on how procrastination affects student’s careers?
  • The discovery of coffee
  • How magazines affect a youth’s mindset?
  • How online education is different from traditional education?
  • Is solar energy the right alternative source of energy?
  • The different methods of Studying
  • Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Globalization
  • Can standardized tests measure learners’ abilities?
  • How would you define feminism?
  • The concept of International Immigration

Looking for more captivating essay topics to choose from? Connect with our experts today and find a list of titles to opt from based upon your educational level and the subject of interest. Not only this, we can help you draft a compelling essay without any hustle. Set aside your stress and say yes to better grades. Our writers have got years of experience and eloquent skills that can help you in creating a flawless essay.


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January 31, 2019

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