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Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in Australia With 20% Discount on Assignment Help

Jun 12,18

Festive times are here in Australia as it is the Queen’s Birthday. Every year on the second Monday of June, the Queen’s birthday is celebrated in Australia (except Western Australia and Queensland).  In fact, different countries celebrate the Queen’s birthday on different dates and honour the monarch of the Commonwealth realm. So today we decided to tell you some interesting facts and traditions about how this occasion is distinguished in Australia. Moreover, we will tell you how we are making it more rewarding for Australian students this year.

Why Australia Celebrates the Queen’s Birthday?

We know how much the students await holidays. This is the only time when you can relax and spend some good times with your family. But what if you have got some pending assignments to do? Don’t worry as you can always come up to us for any kind of assignment writing help even in the holiday time as well. Our team will always be available to you.

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The Queen’s birthday is going to be celebrated on the following days in Australia in 2018. These dates do not coincide with the actual day of the Queen’s birth. The Queen’s actual birthday is in April, but it is celebrated in June so that it does not coincide with the Easter.

Day Date States
11 Jun Monday National except for QLD & WA
24 Sep Monday Western Australia
1 Oct Monday Queensland

Australia is also one of the 16 nations that come under the Commonwealth realm. All these commonwealth nations have a single head of state, which is currently Queen Elizabeth II. Although the Queen does not act as the Head of the State and most of the day-to-day duties are performed by the Governor-General, Australia signifies this day as a tribute to the monarch of England. This day also marks the beginning of the winter season of Australia.

How Each State of Australia Celebrates Queen’s Birthday?

With this holiday Australians get a long weekend which means double celebrations and relaxation. Many people plan quick trips and visit the weekend gateways of Australia. The local restaurants and clubs also organize special events for the public. You might also have made your plans already! But there are certain traditions associated with the Queen’s birthday for each territory of the nation.

  1. The Northern Territory
    People in the northern territory celebrate Queen’s Birthday with fireworks. You can find many in public shops. People have already booked rentals for travelling to make the most out of this long weekend. There are always some best last-minute deals for spontaneous travellers as well.
  2. Victoria
    Victoria celebrates the Queen’s birthday in the most unique way by playing a football match. Every year the Melbourne cricket ground witnesses a Football match between the two clubs of the Australian Football League. Apart from this big event, people celebrate by meeting their friends and families. The beautiful beaches of Melbourne are one of the favourite destinations for people
  3. New South Wales
    People in New South Wales enjoy this long weekend with their family and friends. Barbeques and lunches are pretty common here. The beaches of Sydney are also one of the attractions. Many people love to spend their weekend along the coast.
  4. Tasmania
    Bonfires, picnics and family get-together, the locals of Tasmania have their own traditional ways of celebrating the Queen’s Birthday.  The people here at Tasmania prefer many quiet and peaceful times on the beaches. But planning out a trip with your friends and family is also not a bad idea to have a good time in this festive environment.
  5. Australian Capital Territory
    Many local communities of Australia celebrate the Queen’s birthday with fireworks and lightings. Since the sale of fireworks was banned in 2009 in the Australian Capital Territory, people here like to spend this day with their family and friends.

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The main aim of our team has always been to provide the best assignment assistance to the students of Australia. We have successfully been able to establish us as the most trustworthy and reliable assignment providers. So we decided to reciprocate the same to our students by offering a 20% discount on the Queen’s Birthday. This is our way to say thanks for believing in us. On this wonderful day, we wish you all the good luck in your coming years. We know that all of you are going to achieve your dream careers. Do not forget to seek help from our subject experts whenever you face difficulties in studies.

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June 12, 2018

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