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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Assignment Writing

Jan 10,18

Every student today is very well versed with assignments and it has become an integral part of their student life. But most often students are not able to score well in this part and this is not because of lack of knowledge but because of fear of writing. Students are not able to express well their knowledge about the subject, due to this even after having good subject knowledge they score poorly. Here in this article, I am going to address this issue and also provide some remedies for the same.

Before going to the remedies, let us discuss some of the reasons why students face fear and doubts about assignment writing.

The Main Reasons for Students Fear

  • Fear of judgment:
    Most of us even before writing a word have fear of being judged by others. This mainly holds back a student from experimenting with his writing skills. He sticks to a standard pattern and fear from trying anything new which in fact curbs new and fresh talent. This is the primary reason for fear of writing.
  • Fear of Failure:
    It is an established fact that fear of failure is the first barrier to personal success. In other words, we can also say that we are afraid of humiliation because in our minds we directly link fear to humiliation. We also fear failure because we are not able to separate tasks from ourselves and hence we are risking our self-confidence every time we try to do anything new.
  • Fear of language:
    Most of the students don’t have a command on language which stops them from writing good assignments. But students need to understand that it’s the content that matters and not the language. If the assignment contains valid points and arguments then that will help to achieve well.

Now after knowing some of the fears, we are in a position to understand methods for elimination of fears and doubts about assignment writing.

How to Eliminate Your Fear?

  • Failure is temporary:
    William D. Brown correctly said that “A failure is an event, never a person”. Most of the students feel a failure as permanent but it isn’t. Students should keep in mind that failure moulds you into your ideal self. This point when kept in mind not only helps is good assignment writing but also to succeed in other aspects of life.
  • Write to express, not impress:
    This is a basic rule to be followed by every student. We should write to express our views and opinions with supporting facts and evidence. But things should not be manipulated just to impress a teacher. Students are advised to read what they have written and to check if words can e simplified. A simple, message which can be easily understood that rings true is the ultimate way to impress the reader.
  • Let go negative grades, people and feedback:
    Students should not dwell on bad grades, negative people or feedback because this can shake their academic confidence. Instead, students should implement suggestions and move forward. Also, they should focus on learning from their mistakes.
  • Don’t compare your assignment to that of other students:
    Every student has different strengths and weaknesses so it is always better not to compare yourself with others. Instead, always focus on your personal growth and development. This will help you in the long run to succeed.
  • Do not complicate:
    As it is rightly said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, so this should be kept in mind while writing assignments. Complexity is hard to visualise whereas simplicity leads to a clear path on which student can move with confidence and thus score better.
  • Do your research attentively:
    To gain confidence in assignment writing it is very essential to make sure that you spend enough time studying every aspect of your topic carefully. Exploring the relevant material adequately is very necessary. Also, students should note down the key point in support of assignment like the name of the author, book, etc.
  • Read with understanding:
    Mindless reading will take you nowhere, so it is very important for students while writing their assignment is that they should focus on understanding while reading the sources. This will help them gain expertise knowledge in the topic and will remove their fear of writing assignments.
  • Critical thinking:
    For developing skills in writing an assignment, critical thinking is a must. Few points which can be practised to develop critical thinking are knowledge, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. If you practice all of these while studying a topic it will help you to understand better and in turn, write better.
  • Create effective sentences and paragraphs:
    Short sentences usually make more impact than long ones because they are simple and brief. So students should try to express their views in smaller sentences.


To conclude I would like to just say that to eliminate any type of your including that of writing assignments, along with other techniques it is very important to Believe in yourself. I hope this article helps you to conquer your fears and all the best.

January 10, 2018

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