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How to Write a Good Essay Introduction?

Sep 26,18

The teaser has to be compelling enough to watch the entire movie. Similarly, to make your essay worth reading focus on the introduction first. Writing introductions can be quite a tough work as it has to be appealing to grab audience attention. A quality introduction is what defines the topic and gives an exciting overview of the proceeding content. Your introduction should convince the readers to read further and should bind them to your writing. Make your introduction broad and worth reading.

There are various ways the writers prefer to begin their essay. They might begin with a known quote, or throw an open question at the readers, or discuss the recent newspaper headline. In all these cases, what we are trying to do is to give the audience an insight into the essay.

Below are some important tips that you can follow to overcome the challenge of writing a unique essay introduction. Practice them in your next work, and you will have a logical and interesting paragraph to start with.

Tips For Writing Essay Introduction

Begin With A Broader Introduction

This simply means that you have to clearly state your point of discussion and stick to the topic. Do not beat around the bush, and tell the readers what your essay all about is.

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State A Relevant Background

Try making your intro a bit contextual providing some background information about the topic followed by a thesis, if required.

Include Only The Relevant Piece of Information

However, you start your essay, make sure the opening lines or the quotes hold relevance to your topic. If you are writing about ‘Judith Wright’, an anecdote about her childhood might sound pertinent, and even delightful.

Avoid Common Introductions

A plain definition or explanation of the topic could be to cliché to start with. If your topic requires a conventional start, support it with a good example. For instance, if you are writing about ‘Cloud Computing’, providing a couple of cloud computing provider’s examples along with the definition will do the trick. Traditional introductions can be monotonous to read.

Write The Introduction with Ease

No need to feel pressurized while writing your intro. Take time to think and research, or refer to a few samples online on “how to write an essay introduction” before you get started. One can get hands-on some of the best expert tips that you might want to apply to your work. You can also write your entire essay first to get a picture of the whole concept, and then move to the introduction paragraph.

Convince The Reader

The virtue of reading lies with the readers who will decide the ultimate fate of your essay. The essence to engage your audience is to make them think, to question, and disagree with your stand. If you succeed in establishing an opinion, the readers would like to read further to know how exactly you argue your point and how convincingly you prove your stance.

Winning Ways to Begin Essay Introduction

Here are the winning ways to begin your introduction, enticing the reader’s notice. These serve to be attention-grabbing statements.

An Anecdote

Anecdotes are the really short stories that can illustrate a point. You can include them to make the introduction effective. Keep it short, concise, and relevant to the essay title.

A Quote or a Dialogue

Suppose you are writing on a social issue like ‘Gender Equality’, beginning with a celebrated quote from a noted speaker on the same topic could be a good idea. You may also use a few exchanges between speakers to designate the point. Elaborate your dialogue with a sentence or two to maintain a base.

A survey Report or a Statistics

A piece of solid information can erect your readers trust in the piece. Startling facts and figures can build up a tone and help you make your point better. Use true and verifiable sources followed by a short elaboration.

Summary Information

A rational essay structure can genuinely lead your readers to the body of the essay. Write down a few specific sentences related to the topic and give them the desired flow. Each sentence should be a prodigy, finally culminating in the main section.

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Introduce With a Piece of Text or an Excerpt

This is practised mostly for literature-based writings, which you can open with an excerpt from one of the authors writing, and later you explain it vividly. You analyze the text, the author, and his style of writing in the essay topic. This kind of essay is usually given for assignment writing to students. Generally, it’s for the respective course that you study such as English literature.

You can always add one or two sentences extra to these grabbers just for an explanation purpose. The fundamental here is to give your essay a grand opening and make your readers stick to the content. Write with all your heart and understand the topic nicely. Be concise and write fresh.

Wish you Luck!

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September 26, 2018

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