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Experts Of GoAssignmentHelp Show You How To Infuse Creativity Into Your Writing

Mar 19,18

Creative writing, as per definition, involves becoming ‘creative’: making up things, letting the imagination go wild. An essay contains details that are factual as well objective, communicating the ideas as well as arguments in the clearest way and trying to improve the reader’s information, and not their imagination. An essay is very different as compared to literature writing. But in some ways, they possess some similarities.

They are meant to be read by an audience, and this means that each of them needs to hold on to the reader’s attention. So, it can be said that there are writing techniques one can borrow from the creative writing field to help make the essays more effective and original. This article will talk about how creativity can be achieved in assignment writing. (The Therapeutic Potential of Creative Writing: Writing Myself, pg 20-25)

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Creativity Tips to make an assignment stand out

Creative writing is an art that is possessed only by a few. But it is also something that can be developed over a period of time with continuous practice. (A Fresh Look at Writing, Graves, Donald H., pg 65). The experts of GoAssignmentHelp have mastered this art of creative writing and they use it to solve the assignments of students to help them get good grades from the assignment. Some of the majorly used creative techniques are as follows:

  1. Empathize with the reader
    The reader is the most important consideration while writing an assignment. Before starting to write, one should think about the person one is writing for. In case of an assignment, it’s a teacher. So, the below-mentioned aspects need to be considered. They’re going to mark the essay, so the essay needs to be answering the questions efficiently.
    They are the ones who have put up the question and they have a better idea of how it is to be answered. Thus, it desirable to be original as well as unpredictable; catching them by surprise by using an unusual approach or a unique structure.
    They will be going through many other answers to the question. They might be tired when they reach halfway. Thus, keeping them interested in the key in case we may be the last.
  2. Follow a three-act flow
    One needs to apply the three-act flow to an essay that would give out results as follows:

    • Set-up – The introduction. An introduction makes it clear what one is going to talk about, thus creating a background for the essay.
    • Confrontation –  Here one discusses the different problems around the topic written about. One develops an argument using different bits of evidence, going to a conclusion.
    • Resolution – The conclusion. Here one summary and resolves the arguments with their own opinion, by settling down on a single side or another, having weighed the evidence discussed in the essay.

    This structure keeps a writer focused on a central point, and prevents one from waffling since everything one writes is working towards concluding an argument.

  3. Use an opening that is attention-grabbing
    Important advice offered by creative writing is to make use of the attention-grabbing beginning. One of the ways to do this is, to begin by using a ‘flashback’, that may affect the sequence of the events by sending the reader straight back into the middle of the action, so as to make the beginning with greater excitement.
  4. Providing details about the setting and the location
    One more way of keeping the reader interested is to bring life to the essay with details regarding the setting as well as the location. Essays may become very dry if one focuses only on academic issues. An essay can be made more interesting by decorating it with details. This might not work well for a scientific topic, but it definitely is ideal for some of the humanities subjects.


Thus, it can be seen that these are some of the most creative suggestions from the writers of GoAssignmentHelp.

March 19, 2018

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