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A Complete Guide to Footnotes vs. End-notes

Feb 13,19

Writing a thesis loaded with information can often be quiet a task. Every student has had their fair share of problem inserting required written material in their paper. So, how can one deal with this issue without having their work look untidy and cluttered? The answer simply lies in the correct usage of footnotes and endnotes. They are both an important part of academic assignment help and every student needs to have a good understanding of them.

In case you are unaware of the correct usage of footnotes and endnotes and generally end up confused as to what context they are used then read on.  

Footnotes vs. Endnotes

When you write a paper there are certain background material and references that you make use of. Such kind of information which is supplemental to the written text is what is contained in both footnotes and endnotes. They both are denoted by a symbol as you must have seen in some written material. You will find that at the end of the sentence there is a small number or an asterisk (*) in superscript whose purpose is to indicate the use of either of the two.

By using such a sign it becomes easier for both the reader and writer to match supplemental information with its relevant text. It is a good way to present all the reference material in a compressed form without merging it with other data. Now, the question arises that if they serve a similar purpose then what is the main difference between them. The distinction lies in the placement of the two in a written text.

While footnotes appear right at the bottom of the same page as the article or paper, endnotes appear at the very end, often on a separate page. The former is printed in a small format and accompany their relevant paragraph whereas endnotes appear in a standard size and in a separate section. In the case of books, endnotes appear on the very last page though if they are put at the end of a chapter then their font can vary.   

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Advantages of Footnotes and endnotes

Now if you are planning to write your thesis paper and are not sure what is the best option then you have to also discern between their advantages. When it comes to endnote then you have an added benefit, which is, you don’t have to worry about putting them in each individual page. This means an overall neat look for the entire work and a better flow of the narrative. Even readers will find it less distracting to have all the supplement material compiled at the very end. This means less of clutter and the entire reference source accumulated together.

Similarly, footnotes also have their pros where the most useful one is that they simplify the task of finding a reference for any text. All you need to do is take a glance at the same page and you will all the required sources. Easy accessibility is the key point that makes footnote a preferred option for some assignment writers. It is also less time consuming for readers who are keen on linking the reference with the text. They don’t have to keep glancing at the very end of the paper for the same.

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Disadvantages of Footnotes and endnotes

To further break down your dilemma of footnotes vs. endnotes, let’s take a look at their cons. As useful and advantageous endnotes are you will have to keep shuffling pages to read them. Between going forward and backward, it can get really excruciating to understand which text corresponds with which paragraph. It can be taxing to also remember the page number as well as the endnote number.

Footnotes also have their share of problems and the main one is how they affect the overall look of the page. They can make a paper look fragmented and also stick out in pages that have more charts, tables, and columns. You surely want the reader to be more focused on the matter that is written by you after an enormous amount of research rather than continuously getting re-directed to the source. Also, if the footnote is too long then it could take up unnecessary prominence in the entire narrative essay.  

So, in the end, you have to decide as to what suits your need better. Though, if the writing is purely academic then endnotes are generally the norm. If you are still entangled with this issue and have an important assignment to work on then fret not. Make use of our assignment writing services where our assignment expert panel helps you get the right approach and understanding about a variety of subjects and the essay topic.

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February 13, 2019

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