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18 Funny Homework Excuses that Kids Often Make

Feb 15,19

Kids are a peculiar lot and have a knack for being really mischievous. Their relationship with homework is often a tough one as it ends up consuming their play time. We have heard kids make the most inventive and also hilarious excuses trying to cover up their mistakes. While homework is very important for them to keep up with their coursework, it is not exactly their favorite task.

Out of fear of not being able to finish the work assigned to them, kids often take the most innocent route to get out of the situation. They resort to using excuses that would give everyone a hearty laugh. Here is a list of some excuses that we found just too funny to not share with everyone:

Funny homework excuses

  • The dog ate my homework

This age-old excuse has become so popular that it has been turned into a catchy phrase. No one knows exactly who started it but this one really caught on. While your pet might actually end up chewing your papers, it is often simply a convenient way to get out of doing homework.

  • It accidentally got into the paper shredder

If you can’t put the blame on the dog then you can use new technology to get the same result.

  • I got mugged and they took my homework

Some teachers had to hear this from their young lot who thought their homework was something worth stealing for a thief

  • I made a plane out of the papers and it got hijacked

Full marks for creativity on this funny excuse made by children.  

  • My sister accidentally cleaned the table with it

Siblings and pet are perhaps the best options that kids bring into use to make homework excuse.

  • My mother framed it

Mothers dot on the accomplishments of their young ones and if they can frame a painting done by them then why not their homework.

  • The ghost in my room stole it

A haunted house makes for a valid excuse in the eyes of the kid, after all, who will take it up with the ghost for stealing homework.

  • There was an alien invasion

Children have a penchant for fantasy and if aliens can abduct people then taking away kid’s course material is not a big deal for them.

  • It got sent to another country because my dad thought it’s a letter

Another hard to digest excuse that kids have actually come up with in order to avoid doing their work.

  • My mum threw it in the trash

Children know mothers like cleaning things up and they felt their homework can be easily mistaken for trash.

  • My brother used it to burn the bonfire

Siblings come to the rescue at all such situations even if the excuse is rather hard to digest.

  • I hurt my finger so couldn’t hold the pencil

This is a very inventive excuse that kids use as one simply can’t write with injured fingers.

  • It flew out of the car window

If nothing else then nature can be a great reason to avoid doing homework as who can really deny its enormous force.

  • A bird flew away with it

And one cannot possibly snatch it back or go after the bird unless they have wings. If not us then in the mind of a child it makes valid sense.

  • I thought I did my homework

If adults can have a whole conversation in their head, a kid can surely take the same route for their homework and completely forget to put it in the paper.

  • I didn’t want to add to your workload

The kid deserves full marks for his or her thoughtfulness if not the hilarious excuse.

  • I had done my work  but the homeless guy took it

He needed the homework all the more and there was simply nothing one can do about it.

  • My mother forgot to do it for me

Sometimes the truth slips out and it sounds absolutely hilarious.

Homework is a necessary part of every child’s life but often the burden gets too much. In such dire circumstances, it’s the parents who have to share the load. Though, this can be averted by taking professional homework help and getting online tuitions for your kid at Go Assignment Help. Our assignment provider knows how to guide the young ones and give them all the required help that is needed in their daily coursework.


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February 15, 2019

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