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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write an Essay

Dec 4,18

Do you often get confused about the essay writing process? Well, a typical essay format involves three main sections – the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It might seem a small task to some students but writing these three sections comprises multiple steps.  Once you understand and follow them correctly, it is easier for you to manage every aspect of essay writing and you can create a flawless essay without getting confused. This article will present you with a complete guide on the essay writing process.

Getting the Fundamentals Right

Our essay writers, who provide assignment help in Australia, have observed that students are not familiar with the basics of essay writing which sometimes causes problems. So, before you dive into the writing process, you should have a clear idea about the format of the essay. There are different types of essays such as comparative, explanatory, analytical and compare and contrast. Based on the category of your essay, you can prepare a list of objectives that you have to achieve. This will form the foundation of your writing process.

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Conducting a Comprehensive Research

Now that you have a list of objectives for the essay, it’s time to begin the research process. Firstly, consider a variety of sources such as magazines, journals, books, and blogs and gather complete information about the essay topic. Secondly, collect data and any other crucial information simultaneously and start preparing your reference list. This will allow you to acknowledge the sources from which you have drawn certain ideas or opinions.

Drawing the outline

Remember that your essay should be well organized. Since you have collected the information and ideas about the essay topics, now you can easily arrange them in a sequence. This sequence will act as an outline of your essay and it can be achieved in several ways. You may create a list of headings and subheadings, you may demonstrate the relationships between different concepts using mindmaps or you can pursue a combination of both of these techniques to achieve complete clarity.

The Thesis Statement

This is the most important aspect of your essay as it informs the reader about your objective, your main ideas, and the reasons why you chose this topic. You may divide a thesis statement into two different sections. The first section would simply state the topic of the essay while the second one would explain the point or the objective of the same. The more effective your thesis statement is the more intrigued will be the reader about your essay topic.

An Effective Introduction

Now you have to introduce your topic to the readers so, it should be presented in a way that a person even with not sufficient background knowledge about the topic can understand it easily. In order to achieve this, you can include some background facts, revealing statistics, a powerful quote or even a short story that would grab the attention of the readers as well as persuade them to read further. The thesis statement is generally presented at the end of the introduction section.

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Explanatory Body Paragraphs

This is the place where you have to convince your readers that they are actually receiving some important information as you promised in the introduction section. You should divide the body section of the essay into multiple paragraphs where each paragraph should explain a different idea yet all these ideas should be coherent. You can include a wide variety of examples, statistics, survey data and analysis here to improve the quality as well as the genuineness of your essay.

 A Captivating Conclusion

As the name suggests, this paragraph should conclude your ideas. In other words, it can summarize your ideas, present a solution, provide with an opinion or predict something. It should allow the readers to think about the topic further based on the points that you have mentioned in the essay. Therefore, it should never introduce any new idea.  A conclusion should be the final perspective of your essay.

Right Editing

Some students think that this is it, but every essay is incomplete without a keen editing procedure. It is the time when you can pay attention to every detail of your work. Again, there are several ways to pursue this. For example, at first, you can read the essay and see if there are any grammatical or factual errors. Secondly, you can use any software which will evaluate your writing under several parameters. And, at last, you can check your essay for plagiarism and make sure that it is completely original and all the references are correct.

So, this was a comprehensive guide on how you can write an impeccable essay. But, there can be times when you might not be able to complete these steps on your own. Hiring an affordable assignment writing service will not only speed up your writing process, but it will also help you in maintaining the authenticity and quality of the essay. GoAssignmentHelp has the best assignment writers that can enhance your essays to a great extent at really affordable prices. Buy Essay Online. Our round the clock availability and punctuality will benefit you in many ways. Contact us today to know more about our essay writing services.

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December 4, 2018

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