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Haunting Halloween 2019

Oct 29,19

Kids shouting out loud “trick or treat” and going from house to house is something that we all have seen in plenty of Hollywood movies and series. Halloween is a festival which is celebrated with a lot of eagerness and festive spirits on 31st October. Halloween 2019 is due to fall on a Thursday this year, and with it very close, we are sure you all are geared up for it. But, before we get into planning things like Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes and Halloween pumpkin designs that you would want to have, let us take a closer look at understanding why this festival is actually celebrated. 

History of the Haunting Halloween

As much as we would like to believe that Halloween is merely about dressing up as your favourite characters and superheroes, there is actually so much more to it. The origins of this festival can be traced back to the Samhain era, where people burned the dry crops and lit fires, dressed in robes to keep the bad and evil spirits away. What started off as a mere tradition to keep the evil spirits at bay, slowly graduated to a holiday that people all around the world observe. From field fires to the making of lit pumpkins and from evil spirits to dressing up as whoever one wants to be. Halloween has become a festival that is celebrated with great enjoyment and thrill. 

But, Halloween wasn’t always known as Halloween. In fact, in true sense, October 31st is the day which falls a day before the Christmas holidays of All hollow Days, which is commonly known as All Saints or Hallowmas which falls on 1st November and All Souls Day on the 2nd of November. Trust us, there is a lot of history involved behind the observation of this day, and indeed it can be one which is filled with excitement and fun as well. So, let us take a look at some of the ways in which people prepare for the spooky Halloween Day. 

Halloween Decorations

The one thing that probably all people look forward to with anticipation is the whole process of decorating their surroundings to give the spooky and scary feel. There is no limitation to go and experiment with how you want to decorate for Halloween. Just think of the scariest and creepy things that haunt you and others, and your ideas will come naturally. 


So, what all scares people? Scary Jack O Lanterns, spiders, half-cut bloody fingers, witch and witches, and not to forget ghosts. If you ever saw Addams Family, you might get more ideas as well. Vampires, eyeballs, bats and black cats. Actually, come to think of it ideas for Halloween decorations are limitless and you can think out of the box to get something new each year. So, waste no more time and get thinking about the spookiest and creepiest ideas!

Halloween Cupcakes

Just because it is scary that doesn’t mean that it can’t be sweet! Kids and adults both enjoy their sweet tooth cravings and what better way to satisfy that sweet tooth than by preparing the Halloween cupcakes?  This is where you can test your creativity and then taste it too. There are tons of ideas that you can opt for and trust us the more creative the better.


Bake cupcakes in the simplest ways and then aff cream frostings with the spooky-Licious designs such as skeleton faces, spider webs, Frankenstein faces, or anything else that gives you the heebie-jeebies. Everyone will enjoy gorging on these sweet treats and isn’t that something everyone wants in the first place? 

Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Rather than lighting the entire crop fields on fire, the friendly yet scary alternative was the Jack O Lanterns. During the sleepy Halloween days, there is a rise in the sale of pumpkins simply because people carve them, and on the inside, they place candles and then light them.


The idea is so to spook those few by carving anything from scary Joker faces to the faces of the hollow man and angry and creepy witch faces. If you haven’t already bought your pumpkin get started and go through the various Halloween pumpkin designs that you can carve. 

Halloween Costumes

Probably the most looked forward to an aspect of Halloween is the part where people get to dress up and wear customized Halloween costumes. Just like in the case of Halloween decorations and Halloween cupcakes, there is a range of ideas that you can choose from to dress up before you go trick or treating. Let’s face it the number of treats that you get, all depends on how well you style your Halloween costume. 


Now, just because it is the haunting Halloween doesn’t mean that you have to dress up as something creepy only, you can also dress up as a superhero that you admire or a cartoon character that you love, as long as you have the costume and make up for it. Some of the ideas that you can choose from are: 

  • Joker from the Batman series
  • Addams family members
  • Catwoman 
  • Minions
  • Any witch or wizard
  • The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
  • Superman 
  • Men In Black costume
  • Queen of Hearts Halloween costume
  • Minnie Mouse Halloween costume
  • Skeleton Halloween costume
  • Flinstones Halloween costume

The range and possibilities are endless and it all depends on how creative you can get. There are people who start putting up their Halloween decorations well in advance and also start preparing their Halloween cupcakes and Halloween costumes way before the day of Halloween which falls each year on the 31st of October. Halloween is indeed a day which everyone looks forward to, and celebrates with great excitement and merriment. The towns are full of colour and elaborate designs and people are excited to get innovative with some of the most random and interesting Halloween costumes. 

So, this year, what and who are you planning to be for Halloween 2019? It’s time to put on your thinking caps and get thinking right away. Have a Happy and Spooky Halloween everyone!

October 29, 2019

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