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How To Earn Better Grades?

Sep 18,20

Every student today wants to know the secret of scoring better grades. But not all do something about it except trying to study hard! It is a good trick, but it might not be all.

This is why academic experts at GoAssignmentHelp have created a pathway through which you can turn your academic weaknesses into strengths and enhance your grades.

Every faculty or school of study in Australia has some criteria for deciding how well a student can demonstrate the learning outcomes of a course. Many students overlook the fact that their assignments play a huge role in that.

Our assignment experts have studied the marking patterns of over 50+ colleges and universities of Australia and have filtered out the five major factors that decide which grade would be awarded to the student. These five factors are:

  • Content
  • Organization
  • Mechanics
  • Grammar
  • Style

Let us see how you can conquer each of these factors and bring drastic improvements in your grades.

Five Factors For Better Grades Content  Organization  Mechanics Grammar  Style
How well

have you –

Analysed the


Conducted research &


the audience

The flow of content,

Presence of paragraphs,

Strong thesis statement,

Variety of sentences


No spelling mistakes,

No punctuation errors!


Correct formation of sentences,

Correct word


Subject-verb agreement


The tone of the write-up,

Writing as per the context,

Appropriate vocabulary,


Grades What Do They Mean?
  • Content is off the topic
  • Confusing Structure
  • Shift of focus
  • Major grammar errors
  • Difficult comprehension
  • Errors can’t be ignored
  • Have done okayish!
  • Very basic structure
  • Errors are distracting the reader
  • More analysis required
  • Breaks in the flow
  • Minor errors in different elements of grammar
  • Have done justice to your assignment
  • Analysis is weak
  • Some structure could be seen
  • Minor errors in mechanics
  • Minor errors in one or two elements of grammar
  • Some omissions are needed
Very Good
  • It’s on the borderline!
  • Not bad but not yet great!
  • The structure is present, Transitions could be seen
  • Almost perfect
  • Some errors in mechanics
  • Very few grammatical errors
  • Original ideas
  • Usage of evidence
  • Interesting text
  • Logical and clear structure!
  • Only one or two spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • No errors in grammar
  • A few complex sentences
  • All elements of style are achieved
  • Perceptive insights!
  • Original ideas well supported by evidence
  • Wonderfully analysed topic
  • Strong links between the paragraphs
  • Appropriate tone!
  • Clear introduction, body and conclusion
  • Zero errors in mechanics!
  • Variety of sentences
  • Complete mastery of grammar!
  • Consistent style

Leap From ‘Unsatisfactory’ to ‘Outstanding’ Grades

We, at GoAssignmentHelp, can help you find the best assignment experts online who hold expertise in your subject. They’ll help you conquer all the assignment writing challenges enabling you to achieve an outstanding grade.

How to improve content & organization aspects of assignments?

We have PhD scholars & postgraduates from the top universities of Australia including RMIT, University of Sydney, Melbourne University and many more! They can guide you step by step on how to research and analyse an assignment topic. They will help you understand the reader’s perspective and help in organizing the arguments to intrigue the reader. From creating a strong thesis statement to preparing your content for the assignment, our subject matter experts will take care of your assignment writing requirements.

How to enhance the mechanics, grammar and style portions of assignments?

Connect with the best academic editors and proofreaders from Sydney, Melbourne & other parts of Australia here at GoAssignmentHelp. They will give your assignment a professional look by removing all the grammatical errors, punctuation inconsistencies, and logical errors. They will ensure that your assignment maintains consistency throughout and impresses the professors in the first impression.

How to refine the tone and writing style of your assignments?

Our assignment reviewers are another extremely helpful bunch of people that can assist you in creating a top-notch academic write-up. Just like our editors and proofreaders they work on polishing your assignments. They ensure that your assignment has a definite tone throughout with appropriate vocabulary and no jargons. They also ensure the uniqueness of ideas in every assignment.

Find the right assignment help in Australia & earn better grades!

Assignment writing is an important aspect of your academic career and ignoring them will keep you from earning better grades. So start working on your assignment writing skills with our elite team of assignment writers, subject experts, assignment editors and reviewers right now and there will be no looking back!

September 18, 2020

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