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How to Use Pen and Paper to Study Better?

Apr 13,18

Somewhere along the line, we have slowly sidetracked the classic art of writing. It has somewhat slowed down our ability to think clearly and come up with original ideas. It is time to go back to our roots and revive our basic thinking abilities with the most trusted companions – pen and paper.

I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.

These well-interwoven words could not have been put any better than the late American novelist John Cheever. Today, we will discuss how handwritten notes help you plan and strategise manually. We will also see how a pen and a paper can take you as a student from being one among the millions to the point where you are ‘one’ amongst the million.

As mentioned earlier, the tools for today’s topic is the humble pen and paper. These tools are centuries old and are a subject of fascination as many well-written works have been accomplished using them.

Still mulling over how do you begin your path to excellence in the world of academics? The answer is straight, buy a notebook. The notebook is an excellent source to write down your thoughts, draw out your plans, edit your ideas, and envision your goals. All these opinions can be assimilated in your notebook.

Tips To Be Consider Before Start Writing Your Assignments

When a task of assignment writing besieges you, a simple notebook proves exceptionally beneficial to inscribe your research, plan, writing and editing ideas to formulate as to how the assignment will evolve. You need to keep some of these points in mind:

  • Invest in a good quality handbook: If you want to be inspired, get the inspiration firstly from purchasing a good quality handbook. There is a wide range of notebooks from a scientific notebook to elegant note-keeping pocket ledgers.
  • Ensure you have a fluid Pen: To make your writing legible, make sure you invest in a good pen. Ensure that the tip of the pen has a smooth flow when writing on the paper and the ink does not smudge on the paper.
  • Put the handbook and pen into effect! Now that you have got the best tools, it is time to use them. Look for a place that is devoid of distraction and start contemplating on the task that you will need to accomplish to create a sturdy and comprehensive assignment.

The writing process, though felt redundant in today’s day and age of technological gizmos, can still be an incredibly gratifying progression. Similarly, poor writing may lead to many disadvantages. Firstly, if ideas and thoughts are not explained with assertiveness, they might be misunderstood and misconstrued resulting in a communication breakdown.

Ensuring that the notebook ideas translate, communicate, and produce relevant notions – will help you in preparing an assignment. Your writing in the notebook should also be able to roadmap the assignment in an informative, concise and professional manner.

If you do possess a knack for writing assignments and intend to carry forward it into the professional world, you could probably utilise the notebook by noting down strategic ideas and map processes to convert your talent into a roaring business. You may write down a systematic way in which you could monetise your assignment writing skill set by setting up an online assignment help service.

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Prefer a Notebook over Personal Computer!

Sounds strange? But the simple underlying fact is that a notebook when used to transfer creative thoughts ensure that you concentrate with a single-minded focus and dedication. It helps you to effectively confront any inconsistencies you may possess in your thoughts. Ensure that you find a place that is devoid of distraction and that you have only your handbook and pen for assistance.

Then what?

Just get down to pure and simple work!

The best part of having a pen and handbook is that you cannot check an email through your handbook. Similarly, you are unable to connect to social media sites and surf the web. It proves a great boon as it increases the prolonging of concentration that is required to accomplish the task.

assignment writingIt is a fact that editing, drawing arrows, scribbling drawings, and flowcharts are extremely convenient on a piece of paper. Also, the consistent writing and scribbling of the pen over the paper ensure that your mind is continuously active and gushes forth with ideas, rather than you just being drowsy over a laptop with no effective output.

As a student, it may sometimes be overwhelming to use fast-paced means to acquire desired results. Hence it becomes essential to go back to the roots and find simpler, yet more effective solutions to achieve the result. Computers and smartphones may sometimes prove a major hindrance in getting effective ideas to flow in. That drawback could well be compensated using a humble notebook and pen. Hopefully, this technique will enable you to stimulate your brain cells and help you acquire that fast-losing art of a productive deep-thinking process.

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April 13, 2018

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