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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essays & its Format?

Feb 20,19

Students in schools and colleges are always asked to write essays in their papers. Essay writing is one interesting yet confusing part of the paper. It is interesting as it is different from the rest of the paper and allows students to open the doors of their imagination as much as they can and confusing as it leaves students in a state where they cannot decide what to write and how to write. It becomes very easy when you know what you have to write and how you have to divide your essay.

Types of Essay

There are different types of essays which include-

Although all these essays serve a different purpose, yet all follow the same format of essay writing. At different levels, different standards are set for writing essays, but the majorly accepted format is the 5 Paragraph Essay Format.

Each of the paragraphs of the 5-paragraph writing format has a different role. The first paragraph is also called the essay introduction paragraph. The second, third and fourth paragraph are called body paragraphs while the fifth paragraph is known as the essay conclusion.

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While writing an essay the first thing that must be kept in mind is the clarity of thoughts. You need to be clear in your mind with your thoughts and your content. Then you must have the ability to divide your thought or your content into introduction, body, and conclusion. You must know what to write where. Make sure that you are writing a complete essay with a proper beginning, middle portion and ending.

The First Paragraph-

The first paragraph is known as the introduction paragraph. While writing this paragraph you must frame it in such a way so that it gives the reader a brief of your essay and also evoke curiosity in the minds of the readers. Your introduction paragraph should include major details on your essay topic but not all of it. Remember always that your introduction paragraph can make your essay or break your essay in the minds of the reader. So write accordingly.

The Second, Third And Fourth Paragraph-

The second, third and fourth paragraph is the body of your essay. Every detail regarding your topic must be included in these paragraphs. You should include all the facts, figures, statistics, theorems, quotes and examples in the body. If you are writing an argumentative essay then you must write your point of argument, why it is written with relevant examples. At least three to four arguments must be written. While writing a descriptive type of essay then every detail of the background, the foreground must be mentioned. When you write a narrative essay then you must tell where the story began, why it happened, who all were involved, and how did it take place. You must write your body in a way so that it is entertaining as well as meaningful to the readers.

The Last Paragraph-

The last paragraph is the concluding paragraph. It has to be written in a way in which it summarizes your whole essay. It should be able to connect the introduction and the body of the essay.   As it is your last chance to create an impression in the minds of the reader you must write it in the most beautiful way you can. You can add quotations to make it look wiser. And most importantly it should be able to give an ending to your essay. After writing the conclusion you must feel that the story is complete and there can be no better ending to it than this still if you feel that it is looking incomplete then you must do something. The ending of an essay must be made as interesting as the beginning.  If your introduction is interesting and the body is engaging, then the reader is forced to read it and come down to the conclusion and if the reader does not find the conclusion satisfying then he might get annoyed.

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Essay writing is one very creative process. You just need to use your creativity and you will get the maximum output.

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February 20, 2019

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