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How to Write a Personal Statement?

Oct 9,19

Writing a personal statement is a form of explaining to the people your achievements in life, describing how some important factors of your life have affected your attitude and describes your intellectual capacity. Personal statements are considered more than the marks you have obtained. It actually gives you an opportunity to stand out of the crowd and prove yourself better than your peers applying to the same school or university. Personal statements are also used while applying for scholarships and grants.

Personal Statement for University

The personal statement should be dynamic and impactful. The aim should be to grab the attention of the reader and tell them how you can become an asset for the university. You should demonstrate your capabilities and prove why you are the right choice. 

Personal Statement Format

The format for writing a personal statement should be simple which includes the introduction paragraph, body and the conclusion. You can seek the reader’s attention by writing an extraordinary introduction paragraph, wow them with beautiful words in your main content. All this is easy but the irony is, the conclusion should be one of the most important parts of your personal statement. 

How to Conclude a Personal Statement?

It is your conclusion that affects the decision of the selectors and can make or break your chances of getting selected at a university. 

Here, we have some important tips to remember while concluding the personal statement: 

Don’t lose the track: Since you have grabbed the attention of the readers with your magical words in the introduction and body, now it’s time to summarize everything. Don’t lose track by starting a new topic in conclusion. Just keep going in the flow and write in a way that after finishing the personal statement, the reader should feel everything is complete.

Avoid bringing a new story- Your conclusion should be like a summary of your whole personal statement. The most important points which you have written in the introduction and body should be included while concluding. Don’t include something new in the conclusion paragraph. It should not look like you have started something new when you have to end as it will make the conclusion inappropriate. 

Write qualities in the form of a story: You can write your experience and achievements in the form of a story. This will help to build interest and conclude the paragraph in a more meaningful way. With the help of your story, you can tell how curious you are for this new opportunity and want to take further challenges and solve them. Explain why you are the perfect choice for the course. It will be easy for the reader to understand your qualities and believe in you, rather than thinking that you have just given some usual points. 

Always include a future perspective point: You should definitely include that why do you believe in yourself and what will be the outcome if you get the admission. Write about your goals and ambitions and how the course and university will help you in achieving those goals. Bringing the future perspective point assures the selection committee that the student has researched enough about the course and knows where he will reach after perusing it. 

Avoid plagiarism:  Personal statements should be unique and written differently. There should be no chance of plagiarism as every person has different situations in life and the way of thinking. In a survey, Principals from various universities stated that they come through a lot of plagiarized content. Especially in the last ten years, the situation of plagiarism has gone worse. Students copy cover letters and assignments and when caught their letters are rejected. 

When you write a good personal statement, you are able to give the admissions committee additional insight into who you are as a person, what motivates you to pursue the course. A good personal statement is always impactful and can generate more chances of getting admission to the university.

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October 9, 2019

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