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How to Write an Introduction for a Report?

Jun 18,19

So you have got another report to write and you don’t know how to begin. Just like academic writing is important for a student, a good introduction is crucial for academic report writing. It not only gathers the attention of the reader and compels them to read your write-up but also provides a base for them. For instance, at the beginning of the academic session, orientation programmes are meant to provide the students with a basic idea of how their study programme is going to commence. Without the orientation, you will have no idea where the cafeteria is, who is going to help you with career counselling, what are the objectives of your study program etc. Similarly, without a good introduction, the reader will feel clueless about what they are going to encounter in a write-up.

Writing a Report? Know how to start an Introduction!

Before we jump onto the nuances of how to write an introduction for a report let us first understand what a report is.

Report Introduction

Reports are factual papers written clearly and concisely. It is written for a purpose and a particular audience. It is written to analyse a problem or a particular situation. It also includes future recommendations and current findings. You might be given some guidelines or a brief about the topic by your college or university which will help you in further research and report writing. In this post, you will find some easy and practical tips on how you can make an impression with a great introduction for your report.

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Understand the purpose of writing an Introduction for Reports

The introduction is a section that will be read most of the times. Being present in the first place it plays a major role in making the first impression on your reader. So if it represents that there is something worth reading inside your report then you have won half of the battle!

Follow the Report Structure

If you want to understand how to write an introduction for your report you must know the structure of the introduction. The introduction of the report is divided into four parts –

Purpose – it describes the objectives of the report and includes what all recommendations the report will provide but shortly and clearly. It is always written in the present tense.

Background Knowledge – this section provides information about the background events that lead to the problem or situation which you are now going to analyse in your report. You can refer to any secondary data regarding the problem or situation that you have with you. It can be written in the present and past tense.

Method of Investigation – this section provides information about the method that was used to investigate report writing. Here you will be referring to the data that has been discovered by you (primary data).

Scope – This section provides the areas of investigation that you chose for conducting research. For instance, you can provide details of what information you searched for while researching, why did you choose that area of investigation etc.

What else can you include in an introduction?

Depending upon the institutional guidelines you might be asked to add a few more sections in your introduction especially if you are writing a lengthy report. These sections could be –

The solution of the Problem – in this section you can provide a little sneak peek of your proposed solutions. You do not have to explain it all here but you can give a little idea about what you are going to suggest in the solutions.

Predicting the Conclusion – if your report has a strong outcome there is no harm in giving the readers a little hint about what the conclusion could be. You don’t have to state the exact conclusion but you can give them an overview.

The Outline of the Report – this section can include a brief of the things that the report will contain. You provide a short table of contents or give a quick summary of the report. See if your guidelines have included a specific way of mentioning the outline.

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How to write an introduction to a report? Get Pro Tips from Experts!

Tip 1 – Write Introduction in last

You obviously cannot write the introduction if you haven’t done good research, collected data and devised conclusion, found solutions etc. So it is recommended that you prepare the introduction section of the report after you have completed preparing the whole report. It will be much easier to relate to what you have written in the report then. Moreover, you will never make false promises in the introduction which you would not fulfil in the report.

Tip 2 – Clarity is the Key!

Be as clear as possible. Keep your sentences short and crisp so that readers do not have to put much effort into understanding. If you can include some catchy headlines or phrases in your introduction, well it would be best! This will enable your reader to decide quickly whether they want to read further or not and it would not waste their time.

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June 18, 2019

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