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How to Write a Case Study Assignment?

Aug 24,18

A case study is a common academic assignment given to students to develop their research and analytical skills. Many times students are unaware of what approach they should follow while preparing such an assignment. But with proper guidance and academic case study examples students can complete this assignment without any hustle. This is a simple guide on how you can prepare a case study assignment.

What is a Case Study?

In our assignment writing service, we help many students of various educational levels to understand and accomplish case study assignment and essays resourcefully. To begin with, a case study is a research method which scrutinizes a phenomenon. That phenomenon could be an event, activity, process, program, person or a group of persons.

The students have to analyze the consequences as well as the causes of that event.  To accomplish this, the students have to consider multiple sources of data such as interviews, documents, artifacts, and observations. The more they can research and gather data about the case the better they will be able to provide their recommendations.

How to Write a Student Case Study?

We have divided the whole process of preparing a case study into the following 6 steps.

Step 1: Understanding The Question


Begin with reading the case study question as attentive as possible. You should highlight all the main points of the question for your reference. Also, analyze what are you supposed to do in the question. Link all the relevant information, data or scenarios together. To make yourself comfortable in this step you can read some academic case study examples.

The next step is to identify the problems and complexities of the case study. You might be given a social scenario or a professional situation that you need to analyze. Examine the problems carefully. You may look for answers to questions such as what is the current policy, what are the problems with the current policies, how many people are involved in this scenario, what actions have they taken, what is the impact of those actions or were those action right or not.

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Step 2: Collecting Evidence


We have already discussed above that a case study involves data from various resources. In this step, you have to use your research and analytical skills and gather as much data as you can about the practices mentioned in your case study.  Then you need to analyze data by using different techniques such as grouping them or identifying common traits between the data elements.

Step 3: Planning The Solutions


So now you have gathered the data and you understood the whole scenario well. Prepare a list of headings that you want to write in your case study analysis assignment. Arrange those headings in a logical sequence and match them with the questions that you have to answer. In this way, you will never leave any question unanswered.

Step 4: The Case Study Assignment Format


A case study analysis assignment can be divided into different sections and each section has its objective. If you know the format beforehand you will be able to organize the data accordingly and systematically prepare your case study. So here is a generalized case study assignment format that you can follow:

  • Introduction – write a clear and concise introduction giving a brief idea about the topic that you are going to discuss. If you have followed the previous steps then you might not find this part any difficult. Make sure you include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.
  • Background – This section contains the relevant facts and the background information about the issues that you are going to mention. You can write about the problems of the case study here.
  • Proposed solutions – this is the main part of your case study. Here you will mention the solution to your problem that you want to propose after doing all the research about the scenario. You will require providing certain evidence for supporting the solutions that you suggest.
  • Recommendations – this section will include information about how your proposed solution(s) can be implemented. If you want to discuss the possibility of further research you can mention that in this section.
  • Conclusion – This should be a clear and short summary of your case study. Make sure that you conclude the main points or the highlights of your study here without introducing anything new. In this section, you should be able to convince your reader that you have successfully provided with a solution to the issues stated in the question.

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Step 5: Edit and Proofread


Congratulations as you have completed the most crucial part of your case study. The last step involves a quick checking of the presentation, structure, coherence and any inconsistencies such as grammatical errors or incorrect sentences. See whether you have answered all questions or not. Check the referencing format once again and you are ready to submit your case study.

We hope that now you will no more get worried thinking ‘who can help me write my assignment’ and will straightaway start working on your case study assignment essays by reading this short guide. For any further queries about case study writing, you can consult our experts at any time. We can assist you in creating the best case study assignment that adheres to your instructor’s case study assignment instructions.


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August 24, 2018

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