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How to write Nature vs. Nurture Essay?

Oct 23,19

“Nature is who you are, and nurture is what you can be” – Unknown.

For many people, this statement might just be a hit and miss kinds. Most of us might not even stop to realize what this statement means and if or not there is any difference between the two terms used. But, for those of you who took some time to decipher and understand what this quote means, will find the answer to all your queries in the realms of ‘Psychology’.  

For years there has been an ongoing debate between the two words which almost act like homophones. 

Nature vs Nurture Essay – Know The Difference!

What is nature and what is nurture? Are the 2 interlinked or interdependent? And, can one affect or influence the other? 

Before we get to understand all what’s and how’s, let us first know “what nature and nurture really are”?

When you come across someone and they say “you are a carbon copy of your mother” or “you have got your eyes from your father”, statements like this highlight and bring out your nature. However, when someone tells you “you are an amazing dancer” or “you scored that goal in football almost perfectly”, statements like these bring out your behaviour and skills. 

In the first scene when it comes to a person’s nature and physical appearance, it is something that they take on through hereditary and it is found in the genes. However, when you talk about certain skills and behaviours, well that is something a person develops over the years based on interests and their likes. It is this one major difference which started this debate of nature and nurture, and believes it or not, the debate is still on!

While writing an essay on this highly debatable and touchy topic, a writer needs to keep in mind a few things. 

Nature vs Nurture Essay Writing Tips

Let us ponder over a few tips that can help you streamline that perfect essay on the highly controversial topic of nature vs. nurture. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE START: Firstly, you need to put in a lot of thought in analyzing how to start your essay. Remember that your thoughts need to be clear and most off all the start needs to be such that interest your reader and compel them to read on! Jot down all the points no matter how small or irrelevant they seem, because when you sit down to write the final essay, it will help give a structure and flow to the essay. The essay on nature vs. nurture will be a multi-type. It will be an argumentative and a comparative type of essay which is something the writer needs to decide on. 

SKETCH THE OUTLINE: While writing an essay the most important thing to keep in mind is the structure and the base of it. In other words, an outline is like a script for your essay. It’s a storyboard based on which you will piece together the essay one after the other. The outline of your essay can be categorized as: 

  •   Introduction (Here you give a basis of your topic)
  •   Body paragraph 1 (discuss in detail the nature aspect of the essay) 
  •   Body paragraph 2 (explain what nurture is and the role of the environment) 
  •   Body paragraph 3 (the section that explains your take on what is better nature or nurture)
  •   Conclusion (revisit the thesis of your essay and reiterate your final argument) 

We have already stated the importance of a good introduction in an essay. After all, a good start will be impactful and will resonate in the mind of the reader until the very end. While the introduction is the tip of the iceberg and it is very important to make it tasteful. However, what and how you write in the body paragraph is also equally crucial. It is in the body para when a writer will actually draw the basis of his argument and take a stand as to what he believes is correct. The 3 body paragraphs are your way of communicating with the reader of your essay. You can either convince them on your viewpoints or else get to a point of getting them to counter your discussion. 

The important thing to keep in mind is to not to include too many arguments in a single paragraph. State just one point in every paragraph. Every paragraph that you write should resonate and reiterate your thesis statement. Don’t get carried away and move away from the central theme of your essay. 

THE RELEVANT END: The conclusion for the essay on nature vs. nurture is the cherry on the cake. It is the one that will finally conclude your given information, which is why it needs to be crisp and relevant to all the information already stated before. The conclusion in your essay will be the closing of the argument that you have initiated in the previous paragraphs. 

Nature vs. nurture may seem like a complicated topic to write an essay on, however, the key lies in how well you understand the topic first and then take a stand on what you are trying to prove to the reader. 

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October 23, 2019

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