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Unique Personal Essay Topics for College and University Students

Nov 8,19

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul .J. Meyer

Probably one of the biggest and notable differences between a man and an animal is the ability of a man to express and communicate. We are able to talk, express, channelize and voice our opinions and feelings- which is what makes communication. Today, when we go and explore our lives – be it personal, academic or then professional- major aspects are based on communication and how well a person is able to adapt personally to the surroundings. 

However, there are a few people who take time to talk and express freely and yet they need to find a means of being vocal about whom and what they are. A personal essay/statement is a short work of an autobiography which gives the reader an insight into the person’s life. Most of the personal essay assignments require a person to write about their life, some important event in their life or about a particular time or period in their life.

One of the primary reasons why a person is told to write a personal essay is so that the reader can understand their ability to write in different styles of writing. The ultimate aim is to get the writer to narrate his life experience and personal interests in a way which gives the reader the gist of his life and understand it completely. In fact, judging a person on the basis of their personal essay or personal statement has been active for the past four hundred years.  There are a number of times when people often get confused between a personal and a formal essay. However, if one looks at them closely, they are indeed very different. 

A personal essay is written as an explanation of personal experience without having to prove a certain point. On the other hand, a formal essay is basically when a writer writes a thesis and then further attempts to substantiate it or prove it. Here, we will look at the characteristics and elements of a personal essay. 

  •   It is based on personal experience through which one has gained some meaningful insight or a lesson.
  •   It is always written in the first person.
  •   A personal essay does not need to have any objective, as long as they are able to convey a meaningful self-disclosure.
  •   A personal essay from time to time can also be a form of conversation with your readers.

At the end of it all, a personal essay can be purely subjective and does not need to be proven or validated. The one thing for an essay writer to keep in mind while writing a personal essay is that it should be able to express personal feelings, thoughts and opinions in a logical manner.

Writing a Personal Essay

The tip to writing a successful and well-accepted personal essay is by choosing the right topic. One must make it a point that they select a topic which one is interested in. While writing a personal essay, the writer needs to make sure that they answer the 5 W’s: who, when, what, where and why? Whatever essay topic you choose the write on, make sure that it has a universal theme. The eventual reason for writing a personal essay is so that people can relate to it, identify with it and sympathize towards what you have written.

So, without any further delay, let us take a look at some of the most given and known topics for writing a personal essay on:



  •   What is a family for you?
  •   From your family who do you look upon as your role model
  •   Does social media hamper your family time?
  •   Who do you think is more important- your family or your friends
  •   Should relationships be meaningful in a family?



  •   What does your best friend mean to you?
  •   Is it possible to have more than 1 best friend? 
  •   A friend in need is a friend indeed
  •   How to deal with the loss of a broken friendship?
  •   Misunderstandings and how to get passed them.


  •   How well do you cope with fear?
  •   Are you a team player?
  •   How do you deal with challenges and difficulties?
  •   What is your most cherished dream? 
  •   Hard work or smart work, what is more important?
  •   Words of Wisdom that helped change the course of your life
  •   A certain event that changed your life
  •   A book that changed your take and views on life


  •   What if your take on the Global Warming Issue?
  •   How important is it for everyone to get equal education?
  •   Our World 20 years from now – how it will look and be like?     
  •   If you can travel back in time which era/ period would you want to go to and why?

Now, that you have some basic information about the personal essay writing; try your hand at it today! For those of you who still find it tedious to get your thought flow and content in place for the submission of your personal essay, you can seek the expert guidance of writers at GoAssignmentHelp. We at Go Assignment Help assign you with some of the best writers who will give your personal essays/ statements a completely realistic and personal feel!


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November 8, 2019

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