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Plagiarism Facts – Everything You Should Know About

Feb 18,19

Plagiarism is indeed is a parasite for assignment writing world, if we were to phrase plagiarism in simple words we can state that it is an act of stealing or copying someone else content or words and using them in your writing. Of course, not every one of us is as great as Shakespeare who has made a number of words in English which are of his own. We do take inspirations and reference from greater thoughts and people around us and put them into our essay writing, but while taking inspiration or reference we understand what we have grabbed from those scripted words then carve them on our language. This way the thought propagates but from a new perspective so each time you will read it from a different assignment writer, every time you will find the new meaning in it. So, let me tell you exactly what makes plagiarism so ominous for writing world below are the quick plagiarism facts:

  • Quotations, thoughts, and ideas yes, they do come under plagiarism so like if you are stating some definition even the scientific definition they are going to come under plagiarism, but laws and principles cannot be changed? So, what should we do?

The simple advice is to use the quotation marks and credit the author.

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  • Your self-discipline to avoid plagiarism in your writing erupts better ideas and more creativity in your writing. It’s true while avoiding the content to be the same a greater number of times writers end up writing more simple, easy to understand and portable version of that thing.
  • One of the most shocking plagiarism facts is if you are going to recycle your words the second time it will arise as plagiarism. Moreover, this is the most serious crime in the writing profession and people call it internal plag, and to be short this is the most serious crime you can ever commit while being an essay writer.
  • It has been easy and hard to find plag altogether. This can be the most confusing plagiarism fact that I am stating, but as AI and online technology have been advancing online check tool are making it easier for us to detect it. Detection may have become easy but so is hiding!

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More tools with the help of AI technology are available now to make the content plag free but actually, this is more troubling than you can ever imagine.

  • Relax common English phrases do not get counted in it many of the phrases are being so regularly used by many of us chipping them away will make us wordless. So, plagiarism arises only when a long string of words is used in your writing.
  • Plagiarism is increasing continuously over the years, this is a very depressing plagiarism fact that it has been found that a greater number of students are copying stuff lately into their papers as compared to past 10 years.
  • The rise of plag have been witnessing lately but virtual knowledge or easy availability of the internet and online resources is to blame for this. People are avoiding hard work to write the content on their own.
  • Lack of time and creativity is leading to plagiarism as this is one obvious plagiarism facts that due to increase in several assignments and study load the students are trying their best to manage everything and urge to do so is resulting in more plag in their papers.

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February 18, 2019

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