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Top Response Essay Topics for Students

Nov 29,19

Response essays have become a common format of essay writing. In this format, the teachers want to know the opinion of a student on the given topic. These topics can be argumentative but the main aim is to know the point of view of the student. Students can prove their creativity and write facts to support their point. 

How to choose perfect response essay topics?

One of the difficulties occurs while choosing a perfect topic for response essays. Though there can be thousands of topics that can be given, a teacher should always keep in mind that not every student would be aware of the given topic if it’s complicated. What can be the best way to choose a topic for response essay? Well, always try to give a topic which you believe every student would be aware of or it can be an ongoing issue in the surrounding and people are talking about it. 

Remember the aim is to get the student’s opinion.

Here we have some of the interesting topics which can be used by students for response essay: 

“Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. Do you think fighting for love is worth- Love stories have always been a common and interesting topic between youth and they like to discuss it. This can be a topic where a student can give his ideas about love and relationships keeping Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” in mind. 

Are people of different races equal- Inequality is a very famous topic of response essay. It gives an insight about student’s mind and how they think about such a crucial topic. It can be interesting for students and they can write various points as it’s a vast topic. 

Is social media considered an addiction- Social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life? Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the world is using these social media platforms. Well, this can be a general topic to understand the point of view of students about social media.  They can be in favour of social media and believe it’s not an addiction or can tell how it is ruining things as more and more people get addicted to it. In both cases, they will have enough points to support their response. 

Books vs Internet- Technology is growing on a daily basis and the world has easy access to the internet, the value of books has decreased. Be it searching for information or reading something, people prefer the internet over books now. But there are still people who like to opt for books and believe that it has a different value. The essay on this topic can be written by comparing books and internet and then coming to the conclusion and explaining why one is better than the other. 

What are the positive and negative impacts of movies on society- Movies are a part of everyone’s life and it impacts everyone. There are people who love watching movies and believe that it is useful and good for entertainment. On the other hand, some people believe that movies are leaving a wrong impression on society. For example, some people think crime movies are not a good genre to watch as it leaves a negative impact and give ideas to people on how to commit a crime. And some believe it is good to watch as the world should know kind of crime exist in the world. This is an argumentative topic where a student can support his answers with a variety of reasons. 

Why is childhood obesity considered a health problem- Obese children have to deal with chronic disease more as compared to normal ones. And this has become a major issue all over the world. This response essay topic can be informative and students can give points related to health and even give ideas to prevent obesity. 

Is the use of animals for research purposes justified- The use of animals has been for a long time in experiments and research. Especially in medical fields where students have to practice their skills, they do it on animals. But is there any other way to replace the use of animals? Here, Students can give reasons and support their answer by explaining their point of view. 

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November 29, 2019

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