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How to Use TEEL Structure in Paragraph Writing?

Feb 25,21

Do you find it difficult to write a complete paragraph? Do you feel getting out of words while writing your essay? If yes, then say goodbye to all your paragraph writing fears as we are sharing the best and easiest way of paragraph writing. It is known as TEEL structure and is popularly recommended by GoAssignmentHelp academic writing experts to create effective paragraphs.

You may use this writing technique anywhere while writing your answers in exams, creating essays, articles or even research papers. However, one must ensure to use this structure while creating the body paragraphs.

TEEL is actually an acronym for:

T: topic sentence 

E: explain 

E: evidence 

L: link 

If you create a paragraph like this, you can ensure that it will have four different sentences liked together. This way you will not have to think of a strategy every time you begin writing your essay paragraphs.

The TEEL Formula

Topic Sentence: The TEEL formula begins with a Topic Sentence. As the name suggests, a topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph that states the main idea of the paragraph. Sara, one of the literature assignment writing experts at GoAssignmentHelp says, “the topic sentence should be straightforward and state exactly what the paragraph is about. One must not use abstract language here as it will not set the right intention of the reader.”

For example: “Travelling abroad has become a lot easier these days.”

This topic sentence clearly denotes that the writer will talk about how easy it has become to travel abroad now. The essay writer may introduce some examples or explain why he/she thinks that travelling abroad is now easier than in the past.

Explain: Once you have written the topic sentence, you have to explain or expand your topic sentence. This means you can add some facts or your own opinion to specify what you stated in the topic sentence more clearly. Linda has been working as an assignment expert with GoAssignmentHelp for more than five years now. She advises the students to always write the explanation sentences in their own words and be as simple as possible. Using complex vocabulary here could confuse the reader.

For example: “Earlier, anyone could hardly think of visiting another country but nowadays international tourism is booming. One of the reasons for this could be cheap aeroplane tickets and accommodations.” 

These sentences explain why the writer thinks that international travel is easier now. If you want to go in further details, you can add more explanation sentences and clarify your point. Just take care of the word limit.

Evidence: Now, you have put a complete argument in the form of a topic sentence and explanatory sentence(s). Next, you have to support your argument by providing an example or evidence. One of our research papers help experts at GoAssignmentHelp suggest that this part of the paragraph is a great place to add a quote, statistics or a result from your research.

For example: “A recent survey conducted by Australia tourism reveals that the revenue obtained from international tourism has increased by 10% in the year 2019.” 

The above example supports your claim in a legitimate way and will eventually turn your reader’s opinions. They would believe the argument that you are putting forward. However, you must cite the source of the survey or any other research paper that you mention in the paragraph.

Link: Now, this is the last part of your paragraph. This sentence should sum-up your paragraph and conclude it appropriately. It is known as ‘link’ because this sentence would include all the key terms of your topic sentence and would eventually link back everything to the main topic. Joseph, our essay help expert at GoAssignmentHelp says, “the last sentence of the paragraph is crucial as it showcases how important the whole argument is. A strong summation would establish the argument strongly and the reader would likely remember it.”

For example: “Therefore, it is clear that more people prefer going on international holidays rather than travelling in their own country.”

This sentence reaffirms the argument that international travel is easier and thus more preferred these days than in the past. Now you can club all the TEEL elements together and form your complete paragraph easily.

Why use the TEEL structure in paragraph writing?

Using the TEEL format offers many benefits to the students. First of all, it allows you to state your topic or argument clearly. You can easily back up your claims and arguments, provide examples and include significant research done in that area. Lastly, you can always provide a strong opinion or reinstate your position in the end. Thereby, leaving a strong impression on the reader.

A few tips on using TEEL structure in paragraph writing by GoAssignmentHelp experts:

  • The TEEL structure is often used in formal or academic writing. So do not use informal language while writing paragraphs using the TEEL format. For instance, avoid using contractions (don’t, won’t etc).
  • Always write in the third person when you are planning to use a formal writing style. Using the first or the second person in your writing seems a little casual and may not put the required impact on your reader/teacher.
  • Do not make it a conversation. You are not talking to someone but presenting your research/ opinions/ factual knowledge in the paragraph.
  • Always proofread and edit each TEEL paragraph to ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure that you have used capital letters correctly and the referencing format is 100% accurate.

In a Nutshell

The TEEL structure is an incredible way to ensure a coherently developed article, essay, report or any other academic write-up. It provides a clear and concise structure to your writing. It enables you to include relevant examples and support your claim. You can know more tips and tricks on writing a paragraph using TEEL structure from our assignment writers and subject matter experts at GoAssignmentHelp. Just send us a quick query and we will make your assignment writing process a lot easier and faster.

February 25, 2021

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