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How to Write an Introduction for Assignment?

Aug 29,18

Academic writing is an important part of every curriculum whether you are in high school or you are a university student. You might always be discussing the several issues and concerns about various academic writing projects you get with your friends and mentors. The objective of all such assignments is to see how better you can express yourself through words and how much you know about a subject. The best part about writing is that you can always learn and evolve. In this article, you will learn an important aspect of assignment writing that is the art of writing the introduction of an assignment.

Why an Introduction is Important in Academic Writing Assignments?

As a student, you might not be able to develop clear and concise paragraphs. If you often wonder who can do my assignment more academically then you should start with learning how to write an introduction for an assignment. Whether you are writing an essay, report or dissertation, an introductory paragraph is always required. If you prepare that paragraph well you might impress your readers from the very beginning.

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The main aim of the introductory paragraph is to provide the readers with a clear idea about the topic of your assignment.  The introduction gives a generalization about the topic before a writer narrows down their discussion. It is just like a guide to your assignment. It must also include some background details of the assignment topic and an outline of what is your opinion or argument. You will understand in a deeper sense if you go through some introduction examples.

The Ingredients of An Introduction

There are some points that one should consider to provide a good introduction to their assignment. You may not incorporate all of them but, in general, you should try including some of these points in your introductory paragraph. While you read some introduction paragraph examples try identifying which points had the writer included in them.

  • Highlight the importance of the subject
  • The definition of the topic being discussed
  • The reason why you are writing on this topic
  • An overview of your approach on the topic
  • Highlight the points that you want to discuss in the assignment
  • State some previous works about the topic
  • State some limitations about the topic

Consider the sample introductory paragraph given below. You may see that the paragraph starts with a central issue. It gives a little background of the topic and establishes the argument that will be discussed further in the essay.

example of assignment introduction

How to Write An Introduction for A Report?

So above we discussed some generalized points about the introduction of an academic assignment. Now let us see how to write an introduction for a report.

Establish A Background

You may mention something about the previous research on the topic. You may mention all the issues that you have researched about the topic and you want to discuss further in the report. This will give your readers a reason why they should read your report.

Bridging The Gap

You should also mention the gaps in the previous research and how you are making efforts to bridge those gaps. Mention what all extra information you are going to provide that will expand your reader’s knowledge.

State Your Objective

Once you have established a background state your objectives. Write your thesis statement or the hypothesis. You may discuss the structure of your report here and list all the findings of the report. The following example gives a clear idea of the format that we are discussing.

introduction for a report

How to Write an Introduction for A Dissertation/ Thesis?

The procedure to write an introduction for a long piece of writing is generally similar to what we have discussed so far. Still, it is important to know the little details that you should take care of. Our experts always suggest the students go through the introduction example for assignment before starting their writing process. Many times students have a lot of ideas in mind but they just cannot paraphrase them. They may avail our affordable writing services at such times to seek clarity. Our writers will help them convert their ideas into a powerful piece of writing.

As far as dissertations are concerned you must focus on writing an attention-grabbing introduction because then only you will be able to convince the reader to read your paper further. If you will consider any introduction paragraph examples of dissertations you will find that the writers generally maintain suspense. They never reveal everything about their research straightaway in the introductory paragraph. Apart from the general introduction of the dissertation, you can also provide an introduction to each chapter. This will widen your scope of including references and you can always remind the reader of your purpose of writing this dissertation.

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Some Extra Tips from Our Experts

By now we expect that you might have understood what an introduction is, what all points you should include in an introduction and how to write an introduction for an assignment whether it is an essay, report or a dissertation. You should always remember that the introduction should be eye-catching. It should build up curiosity among the readers. Your introduction should not just restate the question of your assignment title. It should rather give your readers an outline of what is there in your assignment.

Most importantly, introduction writing is not storytelling. It should be written with a focused approach. Consider your instructor’s guidelines about the word limit of the assignment introduction and stick to it if you want to gain better marks. Do not forget to consider our experts for fresh ideas and different introduction writing examples.

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An introduction task segment is a key element of any task or item. It’s your task’s main area. Generally, this region has only a few passages.

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August 29, 2018

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