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How to Write Executive Summary for An Assignment & Report?

Sep 19,18

An executive summary is a preview of a long-form assignment such as a project report. This means the executive summary is the first thing that your instructor is going to consider before reading your whole assignment. So if you put efforts into making it a clear and concise document you might put a good first impression of your work on your instructors.

Many times students do not have an idea of what information they should put in their executive summary. In such a case, they should seek assignment help from an affordable writing service. An expert can give you good insights about the writing process and different requirements of the document. To start with, this article discusses the format, examples and some tips for writing a good executive summary.

The Format of An Executive Summary

The main aim of an executive summary document is to provide the readers with an immediate understanding of your assignment. Thus, it should be short and to the point. Generally, an executive summary is not more than a page long. The format of the executive summary for an assignment consists of the following parts:

  1. The subject – an introduction to the subject of the assignment
  2. Methods and analysis – what methods you adopted and what did you analyze
  3. Findings – what were your findings or any data results?
  4. Conclusion – what are the solutions to the problem?
  5. Recommendations – what are your recommendations to solve the problem?
  6. Limitations – are there any limitations of the project

Sometimes the students are also asked to present how the implementation of their solutions can take place in terms of time, money and other resources requirements. They are sometimes asked to write a paragraph providing their reflections on the topic. In the case of the executive summary for project reports, students do not have to include recommendations. No matter what format your instructors suggest you always keep in mind that your executive summary communicates the exact purpose of your assignment. Here is an executive summary template.


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Characteristics of Good Executive Summary

  • The executive summary is a standalone document. This means that it should be written in a way that it can provide a quick glimpse of your assignment to the reader. If you are including any key points in the summary make sure you discuss them in the main part of your assignment.
  • The executive summary is not your assignment’s abstract. Many students consider both of them the same. But an abstract does not include the complete information about the assignment. It is a much shorter document which is a part of your assignment unlike executive summary which we discussed is a standalone document.
  • The abstract summary should be easy to understand. Students should avoid using complex language and should make the document as simple as possible. Write as if your reader has no idea about that topic. If you want to improve the readability of your executive summary you can take our instant assignment help. Our assignment experts can improvise your document and provide you with feedback on how to write more effectively.
  • Make sure you are providing only relevant information in the summary. Try to make it as concise as possible. Have a look at an executive summary report sample to understand the language preferences of writing an executive summary.
  • The summary should be written after you complete your assignment. Generally, students have this tendency of writing the summary beforehand which they should avoid. Once you have done the assignment you know all the key points mentioned in it. Thus, writing a summary then will be easier for you.
  • Edit and proofread the document well. Do read out your summary twice at least and look for any grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes. You may also ask your friend to read it for you. They might be able to judge it in a better way than you.
  • Follow the format of executive summary writing precisely. Do not miss anything that your instructor has asked if you do not want to lose marks. Seeking help from an assignment provider whenever you get stuck is the best way to save your time in writing this document.
  • Make sure there is no plagiarism issue in the summary. You have to write the summary completely in your own words.


Here is an example of a good executive summary. You can see that the assignment writer has provided a background of the problem and the objective of the report. They have also mentioned about the methodology and the findings of the report. In the end, they have given a proper conclusion.


Here is another sample of executive summary which our experts consider as a weak executive summary. You can see that the document provides the background details but it fails to provide any information about the results and recommendations of the project. The summary is not very clear.

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So there were some important tips on writing an executive summary. In all, make sure you are aware of the purpose and format of writing this document. Apart from the attributes that we have mentioned above, make sure you follow the 3 C’s of executive summary writing that are: Clarity, Conciseness and Coherence. For any further assignment, assistance contact our experts and get guidance on how to create a high-impact executive summary instantly.

Need Help with Executive Summary For An Assignment?

Professors at universities normally want to know from students what is included in an executive summary. It is basic but it can be difficult to write a precise report summary. An executive summary is a vital portion of your report or task that is created to simply and condensed view an entire document. This is done for professors to read it, without having to pass over anything, and get all the vital information about your document.

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September 19, 2018

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