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Best Ideas On How To Write A Summary Essay with Example

Oct 9,18

Summary writing is a common assignment given to students in many college courses. You can be asked to prepare a summary of the chapter, article, journal paper, novel or scientific work. There are basically two kinds of summary writing. The first one is a basic reader summary that you will prepare to develop a nice understanding of what you have read. Then there is a summary essay that is generally written for someone else in such a way that they can get a complete overview of a text. Today, we are presenting you some essay help expert tips on how to write a great summary essay.

Understanding The Key Features of A Summary Essay

Writing a summary essay becomes a lot easier once you understand its complete essay structure. If you anytime face confusions about what is the purpose of writing the summary essay you should take our assignment help Perth. Our experts will guide you on how to prepare a summary essay outline in an easy way. To begin with, the main feature of a summary essay is that you have to repeat the ideas of the source text by paraphrasing them in your own words. You should never add any extra information from your side neither provide your own examples in the summary. Moreover, a summary essay should be an organized content that is it should follow a proper format.

How to Write A Summary Essay of An Article


The summary essay starts with an introductory paragraph. This paragraph focuses on the main ideas that are presented by the author in the text. You are also required to provide a thesis statement which summarizes the main point of the source.

The introduction begins with the title of the story written as per the referencing format guidelines such as APA or MLA. The first sentence of the introduction begins with an author tag in which you tell the name of the author. You may also include little background details about the author here.

Remember that the introductory paragraph should not provide how you evaluated the text. You do not need to mention your own opinions anywhere in the summary essay introduction.

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Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of a summary essay consist of all the main points that the author has mentioned in the text. These main points should be backed up by presenting any incident, illustrations or examples that the author has mentioned. You may also include any important data that the author mentions. You should include different points in different paragraphs to provide your summary essay with a good structure.

When you are done summarizing the article, your summary essay is complete. Yes, there are no conclusions in the summary essay because it is not about your interpretations and opinions. It is about the author’s opinions and ideas. In certain cases, your instructors might ask you to provide a concluding paragraph. But, unless it is mentioned in your guidelines do not write any conclusion on your own. Consider the summary essay example given below and try to match it with the outline that we have presented above.

Article summary

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Here is another summary essay example which contains just one paragraph. See how the essay writer has tried to make it short and concise, keeping in mind the essence of the summary essay.

Essay Summary Example

Some More Essay Writing Tips

  •    Read the text with intention – Before you begin writing the summary essay read the text thoroughly. Try to understand the writing tone of the author and what is he trying to convey in the article.
  •    Divide the article into different sections – If the article is long enough to break it into different parts and then prepare an outline of the text. This will help you understand the text easily.
  •    Highlight the important points as you read – Highlight the key ideas of each section. You may use these by preparing the summary. In this way, you will never miss out any main Idea.
  •    Take notes if you want – This is a good practice to paraphrase a text in your own words. You may want to write the main points in your own words. You can then use them while preparing the final draft of the summary essay.
  •    Do not plagiarize – If you want to include the author’s words in your own summary, cite them. In this way, you can avoid plagiarism. Your summary has to be an original piece of essay writing if you want to score better grades.
  •    Annotate – If you do not have time to prepare notes you can write your responses in the text itself. You may use a combination of highlighting, underlining and annotation to prepare a rough sketch of your summary essay as you read the text.
  •    Clarify your doubts – If you do not understand the text completely seek assignment help and clarify your doubts as early as possible. You can take online assignment help from our assignment providers. They can not only help you with understanding the text but can also review your summary and enhance it further.

Lastly, read as many summary essay examples as you can to get accustomed to this form of writing. We hope that with these writing tips you are going to curate an amazing summary essay of your own. For more templates and guidance connect with our write my essay experts today!


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October 9, 2018

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