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How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

Sep 3,18

Writing a persuasive essay is way more than the basic structure that we usually follow. It denotes a specific idea supported by facts and arguments. A persuasive essay also known as an argumentative essay establishes a certain thought process utilizing the logic and reasons behind it. It explains why the other side of the essay topic is more legitimate and valid for inducing the readers to follow your viewpoints.

The outline of such an essay mainly includes anecdotes, facts, figures, logical reasoning, examples and quotes to strengthen the position. The readers find it engaging and can conclude in the end. You do not keep tumbling between ideas in a persuasive essay but stay focused on your side giving solid instances.

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to write a persuasive essay. How to stick to your argument and defend your points successfully.

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Let us begin by analyzing each of these key points in detail.

Prepare Your Topic

Your topic has to be debatable enough. It should be popular and contradictive too. The essay writer has to be informative while choosing the topic and should love what he is writing. Select a topic that is open to multiple discussions and has the scope of a broader perspective.

Take Your Stand

You must have a clear understanding of your perspective and decide your position strongly. Decide what side of the topic you will write upon, what issues you will raise, and what are the possible solutions to it. Your stances should be powerful and augmented. The purpose of the essay is to rationalize your points that should be judiciously interpreted.

Know Your Audience

Step into the shoes of your audience and know what they want to read. The topic ideas could be generated keeping in mind the audience angle. You have to be aware of the audience reactions whether they will agree or disagree on the thesis statements given by you. Prepare yourself to perceive both the sides of the topic, in order to successfully frame your outlook. You have to build an emotional connection with readers through your essay writing.
How convinced is the audience, decides the fate of your essay.

Conduct a Proper Research

Concrete research forms the backbone of a good essay. Dive into books and the internet to get accurate and compelling facts. The evidence you collect must be authentic and diversified. It could be real-life examples, survey data, illustrations, or a news report, include it all to answer any opposing statement that you might come across. Approach the renowned and trustworthy resources for references like a national daily or journal, primary and secondary documents, or well-known websites. Kindly do not forge the data to avoid unnecessary controversies.

Organize Your Evidence

Now, when you have done your research work thoroughly, it’s time to construct your shreds of evidence and examples in the wittiest manner. To give a better impact, place the stronger arguments in the end, open with expert quotes or a trending newspaper headline. The assignment masters are versed with these tactics so you can take some online essay help to align these plagiarism facts.

Support Your Argument

You should always be ready to rebut the counter-questions in your essay. Support your arguments with hard facts. Do your homework effectively to gather observations, instances, and quotations to defend your points. Share some true life experiences if required, use substantial examples and confirmed statistics to present a meaningful point of view.

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Structure of the Essay

Everything is done and now you have to maintain a constant flow in your essay. An argumentative essay registers each argument in detail also considering the counter-parts of them. There are many templates like WriteWell available on the internet which you can explore to structure your essay. Generally, start with:


Begin with a grand introduction. Ask opening questions and let the audience think over the issue. Give some background information about the topic to entice the readers. Keep it short yet persuasive.


The body of the essay should mention each and every argument supported by reasonable pieces of evidence. Also, dedicate one or two paragraphs to the concessions and smartly refute the most opposing ideas. This will help you in gracefully winning over the argument.


The conclusion is the outcome because you have to institute your point of view. Reinforce the key argument pillared by facts and figures.

Write With Passion and Integrity.

The most trusted friend of an essay typer is his passion to write. Be creative, be thoughtful, and think like a visionary. Adhere to the ethical essence of the topic and write with interest. Do not be a biased assignment writer and welcome different ideas. Be very careful and fair while dealing with sensitive topics like religion, politics, and social issues. An honest writer studies every aspect of the topic and presents it in the most subtle way.

Discussion Essay Topics

  • Is Capital Punishment is a Crime?
  • The Role of Women and Gender Equality in Politics
  • Are we too Technology Dependent?
  • Is Social Media the Right Place to Spend Time?
  • Why is Sex Education Important in Schools?

and if you are a student, it might be important for your grades. To brace up yourself in writing a brilliant essay, you can take assignment help from various online available sources as well as books that will guide you in improving your essay quality.

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A persuasive essay just requires an in-depth knowledge of the topic and a constructive syllogism.

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September 3, 2018

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