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Students studying law frequently face problems when it comes to writing a Business Law Assignment. Business Law Assignment samples are provided to students in order to come up with feasible solutions surrounding a legal dispute. A legal dispute when it comes to business law involves two entities who may disagree over a certain business transaction that typically involves matters related to money. Law students, many a time, find such Business Law Assignment Examples extremely challenging because of the tricky situations. What’s more, these cases involve an in-depth and careful application of laws and legal statutes. On the brighter side, the legal team at GoAssignmentHelp can help these students in writing Business Law Assignments as well as case studies.

Definition of Business Law

Business Law Assignment HelpLegal case studies involving disputes are frequently assigned to law students for them to come up with effective legal solutions. Most business law disputes involve two entities disputing with regard to a contract, sale, merger, and so on. We, at GoAssignmentHelp, offer Business Law Assignment help in the below-mentioned Business Law Case Study Assignment examples.

Case #1: Business Law Case Study Assignment

X in consideration of $1,00,000 from Y agrees to assassinate Z. Y successfully borrows the money from K. Can K successfully recover this amount?

Answer: The above case is covered under Fraud, which means active concealment of a truth by an individual who has knowledge of the fact. Fraud comes to the forefront when truth is falsely represented with false knowledge, without total belief in the truth, or recklessly giving a damn whether it be false or true.

Judgment: As mentioned above with regard to this case, X in pursuit of $1,00,000 from Y agrees to assassinate Z, while K knowingly lends money to Y. In such a scenario, K is illegible to recover this amount because according to the law, fraud arises as a result of false representation of a truth made with the active false knowledge, lacking belief in its truth, or giving a damn whether it is true or false. Here, individual who takes a certain risk even if he or she knows that his or her actions could be dangerous falls under the fraud. K is aware of the fact behind the lending of money, which is used to carry out a heinous crime. Therefore, under the law, K is fraud.

This was just a business assignment sample or business assignment example. You should also get access to business law assignment PDF or business law assignment sample PDF. Let’s take a look at another case.

Case #2: Business Law Case Study Assignment

Business Law Assignment HelpA and B are childhood friends. B bears the treatment costs when A falls ill but does not accept the payment from A for the total treatment costs. A makes a promise to B’s son (who is X) for the payment of $1000. A being extremely poor cannot honor the payment. X sues A for the given sum. Can X ultimately recover the money?

Answer: The above case falls under the chapter of consideration where the agreement between A and X are not in a valid contract due to absence of consideration. An agreement can be deemed as a contract if there is a certain consideration present between the two individuals. In this case, B pays for the treatment of A during the latter’s illness; however, it is not a valid consideration because the action performed by B is voluntary.

Judgment: The agreement between A and X is not a valid contract because of a lack of a consideration. Here X’s father B treats A voluntarily; hence, this is not a valid consideration. For a consideration to be valid, it should be given at the promisor’s desire, whether it be a promise to compensate an individual who voluntarily owes some amount of money from the promisor. According to the exceptions, the promisor must compensate an individual, who has done something to the promisor and not to an individual who has done nothing to the promisor. In this case, X has done nothing to A. Therefore, A’s promise cannot be enforceable despite exception. Therefore, X cannot legally receive money from A.

This is an appropriate conclusion Business Law Assignment.

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