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IEEE Referencing and Citation Generator

A helping hand to all the future engineers, programmers and technology enthusiasts, IEEE citation reference generator can do wonders to your academic paper. Use today!

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IEEE Referencing In Australia

Don't know how to do citation in IEEE format? Need help with IEEE citations? Looking for an IEEE reference generator? Well, no matter what you ask for, Go Assignment Help has got all the solutions.

GoAssignmentHelp truly understands the challenges you might be facing with IEEE referencing. We have seen that students often do not have any knowledge about the IEEE referencing format. Other times, it is their poor research habits and organization skills that prevent them from completing the citation task properly. 

So here it is"¦

Now, you do not have to worry about the tedious process of creating IEEE references. Just try GoAssignmentHelp's IEEE citation generator! This tool is going to solve all your problems when it comes to IEEE citations. It is accurate, fast, easy to use and of course, super affordable.

Sounds cool? So connect with us immediately and find quick results on IEEE referencing. If you want to know more about IEEE referencing format and our IEEE reference generator. We have compiled all the information into a 5-minutes read below! Get to know the IEEE format with some noteworthy IEEE citation examples and see how IEEE citation generators work at GoAssignmentHelp.

What is IEEE?

IEEE is a referencing style developed and organized by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). As the name suggests, this referencing style is used in the field of computer science, information technology and engineering. GoAssignmentHelp has designed a powerful IEEE citation generator that will help you create a fully-formatted reference list for your paper in just a few minutes.

The obligatory citation process in academic writing

Citation is necessary for every academic write-up whether it be an essay, a case study, research paper or thesis. Citation ensures that you credit the original author for their work. You acknowledge them for using their ideas in your writing. Citation authenticates your work as it shows how well you have researched the topic. It also gives your readers a chance to understand your ideas in a better way as they can always go through the references for additional knowledge.

IEEE Format

IEEE referencing is ordered numerically and not alphabetically like APA or MLA. So, you are required to number your references starting from 1. Then, you place the references in an ascending order based on the numbers. Check out some quick rules of IEEE formatting...

  • The number assigned to every reference is written in square parentheses. This number is placed in the beginning or end of every reference based on whether it is an in-text citation or a citation in the bibliography.
  • For in-text citations, the number is written at the end of the citation.
  • For references present in the bibliography, the number is written at the beginning of the reference.
  • All the references in the reference list are mentioned in ascending order.
  • The sources are either left or centre-aligned.
  • While presenting the author name the following format is followed - First Name Initial, Last Name.
  • Journal and Book names are always presented in Italics.
  • The title of the article is always written in quotation marks.
  • For more than three authors, you need to provide the names of only the first three authors and then write "˜et al." after that.

This table summarises some basic IEEE formatting criteria that will be helpful for all kinds of academic writing.

Formatting Criteria

General Instruction


Title Page

Paper Title is written on the top of the first page, centre-aligned, the font size should be 24-points. Below that you need to mention some details about your paper in font size 10 point. These include:

- Student name

- Affiliation

- Location (city / country)

- Email

It is the first page of the paper or the top of the first page


Top Margin: 0.6 inch

Bottom Margin: 0.5 inch

Around all the sides of the page


Single Space in lines

For the entire paper

Font Type

Times New Roman or similar font

Same font for the entire paper

Font Size


The same size for the entire paper, the paper should be written in two columns on every page


Single page: p.

Page range: pp.

For the entire paper

IEEE In-Text Citation With Examples

An in-text citation is written within the text. In the IEEE referencing, square brackets are used to depict the reference. Each reference is numbered and its details are presented in a separate reference list. Check out this example of in-text citation in IEEE format super quickly"¦

"....user-experience is one of the most requested features while developing a website [2]." 

IEEE in-text citations are unlike APA and MLA citations. You do not have to worry about presenting the name of the author correctly. All you need to do is write the correct number and hence provide all the details at the end in the reference list.

You can mention two or more references together while in-text citations. For instance,

"...there are times [1], [2], [14] when we can see that user-experience is not considered the only reason for success"¦"

GoAssignmentHelp's IEEE citation generator will take care of all the in-text citations you are required to provide and ensure that their correct explanation is mentioned at the end. Now, here is a big table of IEEE citation examples from our IEEE reference generator that you will find helpful.

Our Best Experts

IEEE Citation Examples

Citation Source

IEEE Citation Format

IEEE Citation Example

How to cite a BLOG in IEEE referencing style?

[Number ]Author Initial. Author Surname, 'Title', Publication Title. Year Published [Online]. Available: http://Website URL. [Accessed: 10- Oct- 2013]

[1] K. Wright, "˜Best Response Essay Topics For Students', GoAssignmentHelp. 2018[Online]. Available: https://www.goassignmenthelp.com.au/blog/response-essay-topics/. [Accessed: 20 - Mar - 2018]

How to cite a Book in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] A. Last Name and B. Last Name, Title. City, State: Publisher, Year.

[2] M. Brown and K. Wright, The Four Hour Work Week System. United States, Boston: Pink Books, 2012.

How to Cite a BOOK CHAPTER in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] A. Last Name, "Title," in Book, First Name / Initial. / Last name, Ed. City: Publisher, Year, pp. 1-2.

[4] M.Brown, "How To Manage Your Work Schedule," in The Four Hour Work Week System, K. Smith, Ed. Melbourne: Pink Books, 2012, pp. 22-45.

How to cite a DISSERTATION in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] First Last Name, "Title," Dissertation Type and Degree, Department or

Field., University Abbreviated., City, State, Year.

[12] M. Brown, "Relationship Between Cognitive and Personal Development," Doctoral Dissertation, Dept. IT., RMIT., Melbourne, Victoria, 2012.

How to cite an E-BOOK in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] First name / Last Name, First name / Last Name, and First Name Last Name,

E-Book title, 2nd ed. City, State: Publisher, Year. [source type] Available: source.

[11] J. Brown, A Christmas Carol, 1st ed. Melbourne, Victoria: Pink Publishers, 2009. [E-book] Available: Google Play Books.

Citing Ebook from an EReader

[Number] A.A. Author, Title of work. City/State: Publisher, Year of Publication. [E-Reader Version]. Retrieved from http://xxxx or DOI: XXXX

[8] M. Brown, A Christmas Carol. Melbourne: Pink books, 2018. [E-Reader Version]. Retrieved from: http://mydrive.co/

How to cite an E-JOURNAL in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] Author(s) Initial(s). Surname(s), "Title of the electronic article," Abbrev. Title of Journal, vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx" xxx, Abbrev. Month. Year. Accessed on: Abbrev. Month. Day, Year. [Online]. Available: site/path/file (DOI:xxxxx, database or URL)

[23] M. Jones, "What is Cognitive Development?, "Journal of Applied Sciences, vol 3, no. 122, pp-123-221, Jul. 2000. Accessed on: Dec. 2019. [Online]. Available: xyz_abc.co.au

How to cite a GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION (print) in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] Author Initial. Author Surname, 'Title', Publisher, City, Year Published.

[33] S. Jones. "˜The Importance of Childcare in Melbourne', Melbourne Department of Childcare and Nursing, Melbourne, 2001.

How to cite a JOURNAL (print) in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] Author Initial. Author Surname, 'Title', Publication Title, vol., no., p. Pages Used, Year Published.

[7] K. Brown. "˜Dissertation Format and Research Methodology'. Melbourne Journal of Academic Writing, 22., 123. p. 66-90, 2001.

How to cite a MAGAZINE in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] Author Initial. Author Surname, 'Title', Publication Title, no., p. Pages Used, Year Published.

[4] J. Smith. "˜How Students Should Spend Leisure Time', Melbourne Student Book, 44, p. 19-21, 2007.

How to cite a NEWSPAPER in IEEE referencing style?

[Number] First Name / Last Name, "Title," Journal, p., Month Day, Year. [Online]. Available: XYZ, URL. [Accessed Month Day, Year].

[12] Smith, J.(2001, May 13). How ATAR Scores Affect Your Career. Herald Sun, pp.7-9.

How to cite a WEBSITE in the IEEE referencing style?

[Number] First, Last Name, "Title," Month, Year. [Online]. Available: URL [Accessed Month. Day, Year].

[22] J. Smith, "How ATAR Scores Affect Your Career," July 2008. [Online]. Available: URL http://HeraldSun.org/how-ATAR-affects-career/1235yhgf6/ [Feb 12, 2018].

IEEE Citation And Referencing Tool For All Type Of Work

What did you get from the above list of IEEE citation examples? Well, for every kind of work there is a different format to present the reference. This means you need a different pattern to cite a book, journal, government publication etc.

GoAssignmentHelp'sIEEE reference generator is built to generate references for all kinds of work. Are you willing to say YES to our tool? Here are a bunch of features it has for you"¦

Error-free citations

Our tool is designed to remove the errors. It ensures that every reference is generated by the IEEE format. Whether it be an in-text citation or reference list, we guarantee zero-errors!

Zero chances of plagiarism

Make sure that there is no chance of duplicity in your work by creating a correct list of references. GoAssignmentHelp's IEEE reference generator tool is designed to ensure that your paper has no plagiarism at all.

Quick reference list generator

Short of time? Do not worry as our citation tool works swiftly. We ensure you quick delivery of your references. This means no more tiresome tasks and a completely smooth process of reference generation!

How IEEE Citation And Referencing Generators Work At GoAssignmentHelp?

So here is the big reveal! We do not just rely on our IEEE citation generator tool. Want to know what creates real magic? Well, it is our Quality Assurance process! We not only have developed the best reference generator software for you but we have also gathered a great team of academic writers. These writers double-check the references. They keep a check on the IEEE format and hence ensure that everything is perfect!

Find us here 24/7! All-time IEEE reference help

Connect with us anytime, whether it be early in the morning or late at night. We are here to help you create all your references right.

Affordable IEEE reference generator

We are unlike any other FREE IEEE citation websites who might not give a glance at the references they generate. We are offering you double assurance and super-quality. That's why we charge a little from you.

A team of academic writers to guard your assignments

We have already told you about the Quality Assurance process that we follow here at GoAssignmentHelp. This works like magic and ensures a 100% correct citation for your paper.

Access our tool anywhere in Australia

Our tool is for every aspiring student writer in the technical field. Whether you are studying in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin or Adelaide, feel free to use our tool. We charge the same all over Australia and offer the best quality no matter where you are from.

It is time to change your academic results forever!

Correct your references and master your academic career. An academic paper can do wonders to your academic career. Make sure you reference it right and keep it away from plagiarism. Say yes to GoAssignmentHelp'sIEEE reference generator tool today and see the magic happen.

Better grades, appreciation, enhanced confidence and of course a great record as an academic writer - all are waiting for you! Rush now. Use our IEEE citation tool today!

Frequently asked questions?

IEEE is a referencing style developed and organized by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). As the name suggests, this referencing style is used in the field of computer science, information technology and engineering.
Every student in Australia. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth, you can get reference lists generated in Harvard style from us.
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