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Computer Network Assignment Help

Computer Network Assignment HelpComputer Networking is an evolving field. Knowledge of Computer Networking has become essential in this technological era. In this subject, students are taught about how computers communicate and how the internet works. Since this is a completely different field from computer programming students may find it difficult to understand all the concepts in one go. The Computer Network Assignment Help provided by us will make this subject much easy and fun to learn.

Computer Network Assignment Help

A computer network allows us to share data via a communication channel. We can share resources such as files, applications, printers; store information virtually; exchange messages; perform parallel computing, video conferences, and commercial activities like purchasing and selling with the help of computer networks. Do you know that the largest computer network is the Internet?

It seems impossible for us to imagine the world without the internet now. Computer Networking provides a reliable, inexpensive, and flexible system to share our resources. With the advancement in technology, Computer Networking experts are required in every field from education to financial services, entertainment to medical services, and administrative services. So, you can imagine how vast will be the study of Computer Networking.

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Topics covered under Computer Network Assignment Help

Your need of  Computer Network Assignment help may include basic computer concepts to advanced concepts of data communication and networking. Some of the Computer Network Assignment topics are:

Types of computer networks





Computer network hardware





Proxy server



Network topologies

Bus, ring, star, tree, mesh, hybrid etc.

Computer network models

OSI model

TCP/IP model

Client-server model

The physical layer

Guided transmission

Wireless transmission

Digital signal encoding

Digital modulation

Analog modulation

Mobile telephone system

Cable TV networks

The data link layer

Error detection and correction

Stop-and-wait protocol

Sliding-window protocol

Go-back-N protocol




Switching techniques: circuit switching, packet switching

MAC (media access control) sub-layer





Token bus

Token ring

The network layer


Congestion control

IP addressing

IPv4 and IPv6

Mobile IP

IP multicasting


Link state routing

Distance vector routing

Unicast routing protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP

Multicast routing protocols: MOSPF, DVMRP, PIM, CBT

The transport layer



The application layer




Computer network security

Compression techniques



Digital signatures

Digital certificates

Network protocols

ICMP (internet control message protocol)

FTP (file transfer protocol)

SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol)

POP3 (post office protocol)

ARP (address resolution protocol)

DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol)

FDDI (fiber distributed data interface)

DQDB (distributed-queue dual-bus)

ATM (asynchronous transfer mode)

Computer Network Assignments may include questions like

Computer Network Assignments

  1. Explain classful and classless addressing techniques.
  2. What are subnets and how do they help in congestion control in a network.
  3. A bit stream 110011000101011 is transmitted through the standard CRC method. If the third bit from the right is inverted during transmission then, show the actual bits that are transmitted. Also, show the bits at sender’s as well as at the receiver’s side supposing that the generator polynomial is x2+x+1.
  4. Find the capacity of the channel if the bandwidth given is 2 KHz and the signal noise ratio is 1233.
  5. Compare IPv4 and IPv6.
  6. How is FDMA different from TDMA?
  7. Explain the concept of firewalls.
  8. How is a hub different from a switch?
  9. What is connectionless and connection-oriented protocol?
  10. What is the difference between TCP and UDP?

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