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A contract essentially means a legally-binding agreement regarding a commercial bargain, such as sales or hiring of land, goods, or services. The Australian contract law has inherited some legislation of the English contract law - referred to as contract law. In the other areas, statutory modifications and new laws have been introduced on the basis of decisions of Australian courts.

In the modern law of contract, all promises are enforceable. The bargain theory prevails in Australia. The breach of Australian Consumer Law, and the increasing role of the law of equity regarding contracts, and the common law rule against perpetuities are some of the common assignment topics that law students have to write on.

Our contract law experts have worked on case studies, essays, and dissertation related to a number of contract law topics such as types of terminations, restrictions on termination, Independent Contractors Act 2006 (Cth), Frustrated Contracts Act 1978 (NSW), and Contracts Review Act 1980 (NSW). The homework help they provide to students take into account a number of decisions from Australian courts that affect the circumstances of legal actions regarding contracts, and factors that impact contractual obligations.

We offer contract law assignment writing services to students in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Dartmouth, Queensland, and several other Australian cities.

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  • Nikita Lodha

    Nikita Lodha Bachelor of Law (LLB)
    International Contract Law/Business Law
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    Saakhshi Saxena PHD Scholar
    Contract law, Business law
  • Aahitagni Bandyopadhyay

    Aahitagni Bandyopadhyay Masters of Law (LLM)
    Business Law
  • Shamik Kumar Roy

    Shamik Kumar Roy Bachelor of Law (LLB)
    Contract law, Business law
  • Suddhasattwa Bose

    Suddhasattwa Bose Masters of Law (LLM)
    Consumer Law
  • Sourabh Patra

    Sourabh Patra PHD Scholar
    Contract law, Business law

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The attorney who wrote my law essay did an excellent job of comparing the contract law of Australia, UK, and USA. Planning to buy more assignments from him soon. This is my first assignment in which I have got A+!

Assignment help Sydney

Aari, Sydney
The University of Sydney Law School
Good work! I hoped that you will be able to write the assignment in time but wasn’t expecting the amount of research the lawyer managed to do in such a short time. I would like to learn her methods.

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Ces, Albury
Melbourne Law School
I loved the case study you prepared for me. It delved into the problem in detail, and explored all the laws related to the problem question quite well. My lecturer was impressed.

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Halena, Devonport
Adelaide Law School

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