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Company Law Case Study: ASIC v PFS Business Development Group Pty Ltd (2006)

When any person feel that another person disrupted their human or legal rights which are associated with the country and its lead to the loss of that person, or a person trusts that some other person owe his money, so that a person

Business and Corporations Law

ichard, an impoverished university student, and his millionaire father enter into an arrangement where Richard agrees that he will keep the front- and backyards of the family property mowed, and he will ‘do a bit’ to keep the gardens looking tidy.

Employment Law Case Study

This Case Study is based on a work scenario. For this scenario, pretend that you are an HR representative and you are preparing a memorandum for the VP of HR.

Commercial Law Assignment Case Study

Hamid is a refugee from Afghanistan who was recently released from the detention centre in PNG and is currently living in Adelaide. While walking in Rundle Mall one day he was approached by Kathy

Business Law Assignment Legal Analysis Case Study

The Mexican Restaurant next door has closed down and the landlord of that premises has approached you to see if you are interested in expanding to this space. You are very keen. You have been supplied with a standard leasing contract.

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