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Market Research helps businesses to gather information about their customers and target market areas, and allow them to create better marketing strategies. A market research assignment and a marketing research assignment are slightly different. A marketing research assignment specifically digs into marketing processes while a market research assignment is related to analysing the market and understanding its needs, size, and competition present there.

Marketing Research

Green and Tull define marketing research as ‘the systematic and objective search for and analysis of information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in the field of marketing.”  Thus marketing research includes data collection, recording, interpretation and analysis to solve problems related to marketing. Most business students seek Marketing Assignment Help for a wide range of research aspects such as product, promotion, pricing, packaging, distribution, sales and consumer behavior. Whether you are looking for help with consumer marketing research assignments or B2B marketing research assignments, GoAssignmentHelp has experts that can help you with everything.

Some of the marketing research topics we have handled are:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Analysis of Data, Factor, Principal Component, Market Situation, and Regression
  • Need for Market Research and its Ethics
  • Integrating Marketing Research with Marketing Action
  • Market Intelligence, Strategy Design, and Research Process
  • Preparing Marketing Research Brief and Research Proposal
  • Designing a Questionnaire
  • Sampling
  • Scaling and Measurement

Marketing Research Assignment Help that GoAssignmentHelp experts provide often employs two different types of research techniques: primary research, and secondary research. Primary research includes qualitative and quantitative research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, experiments and field trials, and observation. Secondary research includes analysing data which is already available, including census data, researches published in various journals, and even Twitter and Facebook comments.

How to write your Marketing Research Assignment?

To come up with an A-grade Marketing Research Assignment Help, one needs to estimate the market demand-and-supply situation as well as do detailed analysis of social, technical and legal aspects of the market. One also needs to understand market segmentation well. Different market segments need to be approached differently. It becomes vital to understand the gender differences, demographic differences, and personality differences between them. Market research not only helps companies to peg upon their target customer segment but also helps in deciding how to approach it in the most appropriate manner.


One needs a systematic approach to do marketing research assignments. The sole purpose of marketing research is to connect better with the public, consumers, and customers with the help of information collected from them. It also helps to identify new opportunities and understand problems of a particular market. Once we understand the characteristics and trends of a specific market, it becomes easier to influence the target customer behavior.

It is also advised that SWOT analysis of a business should be done from time to time. SWOT refers to identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a business. SWOT analysis can help you in analysing and improving the product design, evaluating the competitors, and make better use of consumer behavior data you have.

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