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Students primarily seek online essay help to effectively learn ways to properly prepare, organize, and present their essays. If you are on the lookout for professional assignment help or online essay help service to successfully connect you with essay helpers who can help you cover different types of essay writing, then you have reached your destination. When it comes to Arts, Humanities, or Sciences, a lot of your college or university work will eventually be weighed by the type of essays that you present: it may be a classroom assignment that you need to complete within a given time-frame or an academic write-up that you are required to develop within an hour during a specific examination. With cutthroat competition and increasing academic pressure, students prefer to opt for college essay help online help to get additional essay writing help to complete their tasks on time. 

This short guide on online essay help throws more light on diverse organizational and structural aspects of essay writing. This guide has been prepared after thorough research conducted by our panel of essay writing experts. Hence, it is guaranteed that the matter provided in this guide to help you write your essays effectively is genuine and dependable.

This online essay writing guide offers general assistance when it comes to online essay writing. However, keep in mind that different modules have diverse writing requirements; therefore, make it a point to understand the specific requirements.

The purpose of developing a guide regarding online essay writing help is to enable you to comprehend what goes into making a good composition and ways in which you can acquire better grades by putting in some extra effort. This guide has been effectively developed for those students who are allocated to write essays as part of their coursework and want to look for essay help online. Whether you are a seasoned or amateur writer, you will find this guide to be of immense paper help.

Essay Helper for Professional Assistance with All Topics

Students often struggle when it comes to zeroing in on a suitable essay topic and then gathering relevant material for constructing an argument. After overcoming all challenges, when it comes to writing the essay, students frequently feel confused regarding how to commence their writing. This is the point when they look for essay assignment help from professional essay writing service providers online. However, the problem can be solved easily if the following approach is implemented.

If you have accumulated notes already and wonder how to jump to the next writing level, then get a hold of a pen and paper and jot down the thoughts and effectively summarize your ideas regarding the subject, along with the diverse questions that arise in your mind while perusing the topic. Then merely look to interconnect the diverse ideas and sensibly group them. After this task, you will come across a wide range of primary ideas to effectively work out the theme. And there it is: you have successfully created a structure for your essay. Now, put your ideas into written form.

Why students need essay help?

Students frequently opt for online essay help from professional assignment writing service providers to secure high grades when it comes to academic writing. Getting professional help is a feasible way to ensure that your essay has all the required elements that are needed to score big when it comes to essay writing. However, some effective ways can assist you in scoring high grades. These ways are mentioned below.

Stick to Answering the Question

Essay writing is assigned to students to gauge their knowledge regarding a particular subject. Therefore, if you have zeroed in on a subject or have been assigned a subject by your professor, you must focus on providing answers to the question that is presented in the prompt. Always check if you are going in the correct direction. If you wish to include something that is of interest to you but which is irrelevant to the essay topic, include it as a footnote.

Do not Rush

You may have burned the midnight oil to complete your essay before the deadline, but still earned poor scores. This is because you have compromised on the quality of the essay by being in a hurry to finish. If you had commenced a few days earlier, you could have produced an essay that was of better quality.

Bring forward your analytical bent of mind

You must describe something before presenting an analysis of it. Allocate some space for description only if the need arises, and then come up with an analysis. The reason for this is that you will be rewarded with higher grades for the analysis. However, keep in mind to present a clear and logical analysis because an undeveloped and muddled analysis will seldom earn you any marks. This is where the role of professional essay-writing experts comes to the forefront. Our professional expert essay writers will help by providing you reference points that you can use while giving a flow to your essay.

Professional Essay Help in All Referencing Style

There are some referencing styles that students must follow when it comes to essay writing. Certain universities actively promote their own, exclusive referencing style, too. Several essay samples provide an idea of a particular referencing style. Conversely, you may use university resources to adequately comprehend what is expected of you.

Some referencing styles involve the use of footnotes or comprise a separate list called "reference list" or "bibliography." Some of the most popular styles of referencing when it comes to essay writing include the Harvard system, Oxford, APA, and MLA. You will surely be asked to accurately cite the sources regardless of the adopted referencing style.

Among the many academic referencing styles, the Harvard system is the most widely used style by publishers. Students frequently try to figure out how to accurately cite the sources when it comes to their content. To get you started with the concept of referencing, we provide an in-depth analysis of the Harvard referencing style.

Harvard Referencing Style

It is quite easy to comprehend. When you begin the process of citing references within the text of the essay, use the last name of the author, year of publication, and page reference. All these details should be confined within brackets. For example:

Peggy Johnson defines collection development as "the thoughtful process of developing a library collection in response to institutional priorities and community or user needs and interests" (Johnson 2009, p. 1).

In the end, you must include a reference list that should necessarily incorporate every reference source you have used in your work.

This is the right way to use the Harvard style of referencing. It is relatively easy to produce and much easier to follow for the reader. Readers need not halt to cross-check references in footnotes. However, you may use footnotes for adding extra information that you consider necessary to make your argument much clearer to your readers.

How to Write an Essay?

You may often wonder how evaluators judge essay content and subsequently grade it. Regardless of the type of essay, you are working on, evaluators check for some static parameters during the process of evaluation. The primary aim of writing an essay is to learn the core fundamentals of the subject matter. The second factor is the thought process and writing critically. These skills related to writing and thinking are not always explicitly acknowledged in the classroom. However, these will assist you in gaining in-depth knowledge of the subject. Evaluators successfully assess the paper based on four parameters: focus, extensive and critical thinking, argument, and presentation.


About your constructed argument, you must ensure that there is proper coherence between paragraphs. The idea essentially explains itself through writing so that the reader can get an enhanced comprehension of the subject.


As a writer, you must follow the appropriate academic writing style with correct grammar and punctuation. Make it a point to follow the identical referencing style that you have been told to follow. Correctly presented essays need to be concise and clear for the argument to be powerful.


You must comprehend the questions as well as tasks given, and focus on successfully identifying connections between various ideas.

Extensive and Critical Thinking

While perusing a text, you must successfully identify its weaknesses and strengths to obtain a deeper comprehension of a specific point of view instead of readily accepting the opinion sans argument.

After the writing process is complete, you must get in touch with someone who will read it and comment on your write-up. This is where our essay writers can help. If you are looking for essay help to edit your essay and proofread your essay, you can approach our services. You may consult your marker in this regard. Comments from markers and our essay experts will enable you to further enhance your research and writing.

Our Best Experts

Top Essay Helpers to help with Unique Approach

Writing can become a messy problem if you do not control the process and your thought flows appropriately. The process of writing is essentially circular rather than linear where adequate research assists you in building your argument. The argument then helps you in creating the content. There are diverse ways to write, and it is quite difficult to narrow down to one. To provide you with the required online essay writing help, we have developed a simpler writing process that any student can master. Similar to any process of writing, it commences with choosing the topics and ends with in-depth revision. Mentioned below are the 10 steps that you need to follow when it comes to essay writing.

Zero in on the Topic

Once you are assigned or have zeroed in on a topic, your primary hurdle is to identify and successfully explore the underlying problem, theme, or topic. For instance, you are asked to write on the causes of World War II. While carrying an analysis of the topic, you may think that you have only been assigned to elaborate on the causes of World War II; however, in reality, you need to throw light on the various factors that led to the cause and the diverse ways in which they are related. After successfully analyzing the topic, select an aspect that can be harnessed easily through adequate research. To obtain good topics, students who seek help can avail professional online essay writing services easily.

Carry out Identification of Keywords

Essays help you to comprehend certain key concepts, conflicts, or theories in the subject in a thorough and detailed manner. After zeroing in on the topic, you must label the key terms that effectively define the prompt's theme. Do some brainstorming and utilize mind-mapping techniques for identification of primary ideas.

Conduct First Major Research

During the initial stages, students are often confused regarding ways to find resources that are relevant to the topic. Despite having access to a reading list, students fail to comprehend how to utilize them properly. Students need to go much beyond the provided reading list and accumulate material from library catalogues, databases, and abstracts. The amount of reading you are required to put in to find adequate resources can be quite overwhelming. To effectively narrow down your search, you must ask yourself these questions: Who are the major writers in this field? Does the course read offer access to useful sources? You may feel increasingly overwhelmed to pay attention to every single detail while conducting research; therefore, consult with highly qualified professionals who are quite diligent to offer you online essay help. If all this fails you can get in touch with our expert essay writers who can help you by giving you certain points and referencing to help put more thought into your essay. In this way, you can seek our online essay help.

Take up an Elaborate Reading

Some students seek online essay help as they fail to comprehend how to read academically. This task can be challenging when you begin reading with a specific aim in mind. It is highly advisable to adapt to a specific strategy when it comes to reading. Try to understand the content's overview, the topic's debate, primary issues of the debate, primary theories of writing on that topic, and the evidence utilized to justify each topic's position. Use the strategy of note-taking when you begin reading academically.

Develop an Argument and Form an Outline

Identify the primary issues that would develop the argument. You must involve those things that would eventually help you persuade the readers regarding your position. Keep in mind that this may change when you begin the process of writing. After identification of primary points, jot them down to create a proper assignment structure. You may adequately revise the structure by addition or deletion of primary points. If you are encountering a time crunch, and lack the time to create an outline, you may opt for essay help from our assignment providers online.

Write the Preliminary, First Draft

Your preliminary draft will be eventually based on the argument that you have developed about the given question. The primary purpose of writing a preliminary draft is to lay a solid foundation. Use the created outline and do not summarize the ideas that you have read by excessive quoting. While developing the preliminary draft, you need not worry about the language that you use or order of paragraphs.

Do Additional Reading

After you have created the first draft, you will realize which sections you need more info. Narrow down or widen your literature search to evaluate diverse positions or the weaknesses and strengths regarding each point. Here, you should focus on finding examples to effectively support your claims. An increasing number of students consult with essay writing experts to gather the most relevant research material from genuine sources. This is where our online essay help will come to your rescue.

Take Regular Breaks and Revise

After taking short breaks from the process of writing, refer to the preliminary draft and concentrate on your argument. See to it that your argument makes an appearance in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion in the second draft. Students, many a time, hire online essay editors to ensure consistency throughout the essay. Conversely, students can also ask other individuals for comments and feedback rather than opting for online essay assignment help. For instance, you may have a fellow student, friend, or partner who has already completed his or her assignment. Make a note of their comments, and check if there is a need to incorporate them.

Copyedit and Proofread

Because of the impending time crunch, students often seek the help of online essay editors who can effectively refine their write-ups as well as incorporate referencing and formatting requirements. Students must zero in on editors who offer their services at cost-effective prices because there are scores of such service providers on the Internet. If you prefer editing the paper by yourself, use a checklist, and check for grammar and punctuation.

Handover the Entire Task

After the process of copyediting and proofreading, when you are sure that the essay does not require any changes or alteration in the structure, submit the paper to an evaluator. If you have kept the above-mentioned points in mind during the writing process, you have surely created a high-quality essay.

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There are several advantages when you opt for Essay Help Online. Besides securing better grades when it comes to Online University Essay Helpthere are several features of online essay writing service providers. Let's take a look at these features.

  • Affordable Pricing

Another great feature of our online essay help is our cost-effective prices. We realize that college and university students have diverse needs and requirements. What's more, they are most likely to be on a shoestring budget. Hence, we offer discounts at regular intervals, and students can avail our several offers from time to time.

  • 24/7 Helpline

Regarded as a topnotch educational portal, we make sure that students can reach us whenever they require help. We offer 24/7 access to a panel of expert writers so that you are never stressed out regarding any problem with your essay. This is one of the best features of online essay writing service providers because some students work on a part-time basis and are unavailable during the day.

  • Free Check on Plagiarism

Plagiarism is becoming a scourge when it comes to modern-day academics. Our essay writing experts have exclusive and ready access to the most dependable plagiarism-checking software. Moreover, we provide students with free reports. Besides saving precious money and time, you can breathe easy knowing the fact that your written essay is 100% original because it is written from scratch by you with valuable inputs from our expert writers.

  • PhD Experts

When it comes to Essay Help Online, no subject is too difficult, challenging, or tricky for us. We have onboard a panel of highly qualified PhD experts, who are always ready at your beck and call to render high-quality writing services. Besides the PhD qualification, these experts are vastly experienced in providing inputs to strengthen the quality of your essay daily to meet the requirements of the student community.

  • On-time Delivery

Our essay writing experts always adhere to the given deadline. There are no two ways about this. Our Online Essay Help service will make sure that you have all the necessary information to put together your essay write-up before you submit it. Our College Essay Help is regarded as the finest educational assistance provided to students.

Now, let us take a closer look at the diverse facets of online essay help.

English Essay Help

English has become the lingua franca of the world. Hence, a significant number of essays are written in English Literature and the English language, in general, every year. Our team of native English speakers and writers are the best bet when it comes to English Essay Help.

Online Essay Help Services for All Types of Essays

Essays have lots of variants. That being said, Essays can be categorized into many types: Narrative Essays, Descriptive Essays, Argumentative Essay, Persuasive Essays, Application Essay and Expository Essays. We are adept in providing help to write each type of these essays because our subject-matter expertise is simply phenomenal.

Dissertation Essay Help

A dissertation can be defined as a subject's formal exposition, generally a research paper that students must write to earn their doctoral degree. On the other hand, an essay is a written composition of moderate length that explores a specific subject or issue. We provide online help with both dissertations and all types of essays.

Essay Help Online

Students seeking "Write my Essay Help" or"Do my Essay" need not look further than GoAssignmentHelp. This is because we are a topnotch platform that offers essay writing help that helps you create compelling and engaging essays every single time. We can provide you with a base on which you can write your essay based on different writing styles. What's more, we ensure a quick turnaround time so that you receive excellent value for your money.

Online Essay Help in Just One Click!

GoAssignmentHelp is the most trustworthy and reliable essay helpers in Australia. We do not rest on our laurels; in fact, we try to keep improving our services with the passage of every single day. We walk the extra mile to ensure that students get the best online essay help because we know how vital they are to a student's overall grades. Lastly, we never compromise on quality regardless of the number of essays we have at hand.

Frequently asked questions?

Yes, by talking to our customer support officers you can choose the instant mode option we will ensure that your essay solution is on a fast track. This means that we will send your solutions to you within a time window of 2-4 hours to one working day.
Yes, we ensure that all essay help solutions are 100% original by running plagiarism checks on all the content before it is passed on to you.
Our editorial team works tirelessly to proofread the content experts submit and corrects any grammatical mistakes or grammatical errors the experts may have made along the way. Moreover, to maintain the high standards of the online essay writing services provided on our site, the content written by our experts is checked by another expert from the same panel to make sure that the content included in your solution is relevant and include correct details.
If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your essay help despite the unlimited revisions we offer you, we will consider providing you with a refund.
We provide excellent online essay help service at the most affordable prices. The essay experts on our panel can provide you with the best online assistance at all stages of your essay assignment.
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