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Psychology Assignment Help

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Psychology Assignment Help offered by GoAssignmentHelp has helped umpteen students score high grades because of the Assignment’s impeccable quality. Psychology can be defined as an academic discipline that utilizes several analytical methods and tools to carry out studies on the human mind and its diverse behavioral patterns.

Psychology Assignment Help

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History of Psychology and its Development

The human mind has been studied since Ancient Greek Civilization. However, Psychology became a major disciplinary enterprise since the 19th century in Europe, following which it branched out into diverse forms. Let us take a closer look at the different branches of Psychology.

(1) Psychoanalysis: Most Psychology Assignments revolve around “Psychoanalysis” as this branch of Psychology is the most popular among Psychology students. Psychoanalysis comprises a specific set of experimental practices and processes that have been developed by Sigmund Freud, a renowned Austrian Psychologist. This specific school of thought if of the belief that our actions are being driven by specific irrational drives. This irrational drive has been given the term, “unconsciousness.” Freedom from the unconscious mind can be achieved through amalgamation of the conscious and the unconscious via Psychoanalytical intervention. Some of the popular theories that have been associated with Freud are Oedipus complex, Theory of the Unconscious, Castration Complex, and much more.

Structuralist Psychology(2) Structuralist Psychology: Structuralism in the field of Psychology is an important school of thought. It seeks analysis of the human mind regarding several components and views it as the sum of all such components. Wilhelm Wundt and Edward B. Titchener are often credited for the development of structuralist methods in the field of Psychology. A significant number of Psychology Assignments help for college students are based on structuralist Psychology.

(3) Functional Psychology: This branch of Psychology was developed in the US as an effective alternative to structuralist Psychology. When it comes to this school of thought, the human mind is basically understood in its relation to the environment and its inherent ability to adapt. We offer best-in-its-class Psychology assignment help regarding functional Psychology.

(4) Behavioral Psychology: This school flourished in the US in the 1950s. This branch of Psychology studies behavioral patterns of human beings in public places. The core belief of this school of thought is that human behaviors are generally determined by responses to external stimuli and the natural consequences that follow. When it comes to this Instant Assignment of Psychology, our services are regarded as best of the best.

(5) Humanistic Psychology: A robust critique of nearly all branches, especially those of Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism, the humanist school is of the belief that the Psychological framework of human beings should be carried out instead of a fragmented analysis. Our assignment writing experts bring immense expertise to the table when it comes to this Assignment Psychology.
(6) Cognitive Psychology: When it comes to cognitive Psychology, the emphasis is on cognitive behaviors such as learning.

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Primary Areas of Psychology

  • Biological: Biological Psychology tackles biological substrates regarding human behavior. It involves the application of biological principles to study Psychological mechanisms of human as well as non-human behavior.
  • Evolutionary: This area of Psychology uses modern-day evolutionary theory to study the evolution of diverse Psychological traits.
  • Clinical: This is one of the most important sub-fields of Psychology and deals with dysfunction and distress in the human brain to promote personal development and Psychological well-being.
  • Educational: Educational Psychology primarily deals with the Psychological basis of several learning techniques and the behavior of students in diverse educational settings, such as schools and colleges.
  • Comparative: Comparative Psychology is concerned with the comparative behavior of several species of animals.
  • Industrial: This area of Psychology applies fundamental methods of Psychology in corporate houses to enhance and improve the productivity of the employees.
  • Developmental: This area of Psychology is concerned with the Psychological development of humans, especially how they react to the world, their mechanism for understanding, and how they change. A major chunk of Psychology Assignment Help revolves around developmental Psychology.
  • Personality: It successfully tackles diverse traits of personality
  • Positive: Positive Psychology concerns itself with human happiness and ways in which scientific methods can be effectively applied to enhance human strength and happiness.
  • Social: Social Psychology throws light on human societies and how human beings relate to one another. Moreover, it focuses on the Psychological reasons for specific patterns of behavior.

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