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1. Task Description

Recently you have graduated from University and started a job as an IT Consultant. One of clients is a Small to Medium sized Public Relations Company that has started up in Glebe, NSW.

The owner of the business has requested you to design the Network as best you see fit for the company (well on paper). The report you provide will be used to determine the validity of such a large expense for a new business.

Rebekah the owner, would like to see a business report explaining the functionality that we will have (justified).This should include a basic diagram depicting the network infrastructure layout/topology also.

Rebekah has provided you with the following information:

- Staff size at the moment is 50

- 20 of those staff will be on laptops (Windows & a few Macs)

- 20 of those staff will be on desktops (Windows based)

- 10 staff are BYOD (Bring your own device) machines also.

- 5 spare desktops

- There is 1 printer per floor.

- Server room is located on ground floor

- Building is 3 levels, with the need for staff to be able to be mobile and secure in the building.

- 3 board rooms equipped with Projectors and 75” OLED Televisions. (Essential for internet connectivity in these also)

- There is a requirement for network access for staff from remote locations, however this has raised concerns about security of data.

- Due to structural constraints 2 senior staff are unable to have physical data points in their offices, however they frequently transmit large files across the network.

- All staff must be able to use all printers 

2. Report Requirements:

Your job is to research and think about how you will put together this network including a justification as to why you chose your layout for the business.

Below are the headings that we recommend for writing your report (Nb. This gives you a clue of what we expect to be included):

Network Design (Recommended – gliffy.com)


3. Report submission requirements


This is a major assessment for this unit. You are required to put into real-life practise many of the skills that are addressed in this unit. Because for most of you this will be the first time that you have undertaken such an exercise, you are allowed to take “poetic license”. This means that wherever possible you must describe the requirements of the network that you are investigating, using the range of tools and techniques described above. However, if the requirements are not well suited to utilising all of the above tools and techniques, you may “bend slightly” the system requirements in order for you to demonstrate (to your lecturer) that you can use each of the above approaches in a meaningful way.

For example: There would be more than one way to create connectivity within the network.


You should refer to the rubric available on the website for marking criteria and each section should be of sufficient length to adequately describe that section. The word count should be around 2000 words approximately 

4. Marking criteria

Marking criteria is available via a rubric on ilearn.

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