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A Marketing Management Assignment deals with topics related to building a brand and marketing the company but a Strategic Management assignment is about identifying business strategies of a company in order to optimise its performance and help it gain competitive edge over others.

Four major processes of strategic management are:

Stragetic Management

  • Environmental Planning: It includes monitoring, evaluating and making use of internal and external factors that can affect a business’s future.
  • Strategy Formulation: Defining the corporate mission of a company, specifying the long-term business goals and objectives, developing long-term strategies for effective management of environmental opportunities and threats, and setting policy guidelines are all a part of this step of strategic management process.
  • Strategy Implementation: It includes developing programs, budgets and procedures based on strategies and policies of a company.
  • Evaluation and Control: It is the process of monitoring performance results of strategies put in place, and tweaking them if required.

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Different Strategies for Different Levels of Business Organisations


An MBA Strategic Management Assignment may require you to explore different business strategies suitable for different organisational levels, such as:

  • Corporate Strategy: In a business influenced by investors, it becomes critical to meet the expectations of the company’s internal and external stakeholders. Corporate strategy guidelines help in complex business decision making processes.
  • Operational Strategy: This one focuses on overcoming the flaws of production processes, resource optimization, people, quality and inventory control processes etc.
  • Business Unit Strategy: Here, the focus is on developing strategies for individual business units based on their target markets, competitors, and customer expectations etc.
  • Team Strategy: Strategies for a particular team or organisational function come under this head.

Three popular strategy models that you might employ are:

  • Linear Strategy Model: Linear strategy refers to strategic planning, formulating strategies for integrated decision making processes, and strategy implementation through modifying products and services to meet the customer needs and business goals.
  • Interpretive Strategy: This one focuses on promotional activities to influence various stakeholders and produce constructive results for the organisation.
  • Adaptive Strategy: Adaptive strategy focuses on continuous assessment of internal and external business risks and opportunities and aligns capabilities and resources accordingly.

Why you may need help for your Strategic Management Assignment?

A Strategic Management Assignment aims to groom you in strategic management processes to help your business grow and be successful. It includes experimenting, continuous self-examination to improve products and processes, environmental scanning to gather critical information, and improving work methods.An assignment on strategic management may also require you to identify the aim and purpose of a business organization, set its business goals, and make changes in the internal and external environment accordingly.

Based on the Marketing Management Assignment requests we receive on a regular basis, we have realized that an assignment on strategic management may also require you to:

  • Design a management structure that allow you to implement new strategies,
  • Optimise financial and non-financial benefits of a business firm (such as productivity, profitability, and sales revenues),
  • Understand and analyse competitor’s strategies and find tangible ways to deal with them,
  • Develop management guidelines and day-to-day decision making processes etc.

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Strategic Management

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