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Types of Essays

An essay can be defined as a written composition of moderate length that explores a specific subject or issue. Therefore, students cannot afford to get confused regarding Types of Essays.

Writing various types of essays effectively has become essential for academic success. Essay writing can be a common school assignment, an integral part of standardized tests, or a mandatory requirement for college applications. When it comes to tests, selecting the right type of essay to write in response to a given writing prompt is vital to getting the question spot on.

Types of Essays

Major types of Essays available online for which students seek online help. We provide best quality essay writing help for any type of Essay

There are nearly a dozen Essay Types; therefore, it is quite easy to be confused. However, when it comes to essay writing the actual number is much more manageable. Essentially, there are 4 types of essays, with variations adding to the remainder. In this writeup, we have given types of essays and examples.

Major Four Types of Essays

Differentiating between essay types is actually a matter of knowing the goal of the writer. Is the writer’s intention to elaborate on a personal event or experience, offer a description of something, convince readers to accept a particular point of view, or provide an in-depth explanation of an issue? Thus, the four primary types of essays are

  1. Narrative Essay
  2. Descriptive Essay
  3. Persuasive Essay 
  4. Expository Essay


Types of Essays


Let’s take a brief overview on the nature of these different Types of Essays with Examples:

(1) Narrative Essay Type: Narrating a story

When a writer writes an essay to tell a story regarding a real-life event or experience, the essay is called a narrative essay. While narrating a story may sound like a walk in the park, narrative essays throw a challenge to students to think and write about their own self.

For more information, click here ⟹ Narrative Essays

(2) Descriptive Essay Type: Painting a Portrait or Picture

Descriptive essay can be termed as a narrative essay’s cousin because it paints a beautiful portrait or picture with fantastic words. Writers of descriptive essays may describe a certain person, object, place, or even a memory of extreme importance.

(3) Persuasive Essay Type: Trying to Convince

The primary goal of a persuasive essay is to try to convince the reader to readily accept the writer’s viewpoints or recommendations. The writer needs to develop a case through the usage of logic and facts, in addition to sound reasoning, expert opinions, and examples.

(4) Expository Essay Type: Only Facts

Expository essays are informative pieces of writing that offer a balanced analysis of a specific topic. In such essays, writers must define and explain a topic through the usage of examples, statistics, and facts. Because all expository essays are based on facts rather than personal feelings, writers do not make a revelation of their emotions or write in first person.

For more information, click here ⟹ Expository Essays

Types of Expository Essays

Mentioned below are the types of expository essays:

  • “How-to” or “Process” Essay
  • “Cause and Effect” Essay
  • “Compare and Contrast” Essay
  • “Problem and Solution” Essay

For more information, click here ⟹ Types of Expository Essays

Types of Essays in IELTS

When it comes to the IELTS writing task 2, students are assigned an essay question that must be written in at least 250 words within a timeframe of 40 minutes. There are different types of essays in IELTS, such as Discussion and Opinion-Based Essay, Agree-Disagree Essay, and Two Parts Essay or Two Question Essay.

Types of Essays writing help

For more information, click here ⟹ Types of Essays in IELTS

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