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Web Programming Assignment Help

Web development allows you to create and manage web applications or websites. With numerous of programming languages and frameworks available, web development has become one of the blossoming fields of computer science. Students are often asked to create web applications as a part of their projects and assignments. They can enhance their web development skills and with our Web Programming Assignment Help. Our experts have years of professional experience and are known for providing the Best Web Programming Assignment Help in web development.

Web Programming Assignment Help

Concept of Web Development or Web Programming

There are a number of web programming languages and tools available. Students can choose any of them according to your website, application type, or project size and scope. Web programming or web development includes creating simple web pages to complex websites and applications. We can divide the web programming into four categories:

  1. Site markup: Organizing and styling your website.
  2. Client-side Scripting: Programs executed at client-side on a browser. It includes all the information that client can see and interact with.
  3. Server-side Scripting: Programs executed at the server-side. It is used in dynamic websites where a customized response can be generated for each user of the site.
  4. Database technology: The database that is used to store all the relevant data related to the web application.

Topics covered under web programming assignment help

Our Web Programming Assignment Help service is the best among all. We provide web development assignment help in various web development disciplines. Some of them are listed as under:

Markup and styling languages

  1. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): a standard markup language for creating web applications.
  2. XML (Extensible Markup Language): used to encode documents in the machine and human-readable formats.
  3. XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language): an application of XML which enables the web developers to create their own objects and tags.
  4. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): used to style the web documents.
  5. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): used to structure data.

Client-side scripting languages

  1. JavaScript: an object-oriented language for creating interactive web elements.
  2. VBScript: an active scripting language based on Visual Basic developed by Microsoft.
  3. Ajax: used to communicate to and from the server or the database.

Client-side frameworks

  1. JQuery: an open-source JavaScript Library which enables the web developers to add more functions to their websites.
  2. AngularJS: a structural framework for dynamic web pages.
  3. React: a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  4. LESS: a CSS pre-processor that allows extending CSS.
  5. SASS: a stable and powerful CSS extension language.
  6. Bootstrap: a front-end framework for designing websites.
  7. CoffeScript: a reliable, easy to understand, programming language that compiles into JavaScript.

Client-Side Frameworks

Server-side languages

  1. PHP: an interpreted, open source, server-side scripting language.
  2. C#: a hybrid of C and C++ used to create web applications.
  3. C: a highly-efficient general-purpose language with a rich set of data and library functions.
  4. C++: a portable, structured, compiler-based, object-oriented language with a rich standard library.
  5. Java: a high-level, robust, and secured object-oriented language used widely for developing web applications and android applications.
  6. Perl: a dynamic programming language used for system administration, network programming etc.
  7. Python: a powerful, high-level, easy-to-use, object-oriented programming language.
  8. SQL: a standard language for dealing with relational databases.

Server-side frameworks

  1. js: a set of libraries that allows building scalable network applications using JavaScript on server-side.
  2. js: an MVC framework over node.js for API-driven development.
  3. net: a web development platform which enables the web developers to create robust web applications.
  4. Ruby on Rails: an MVC framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.
  5. Django: a high-level Python framework used for rapid web development.
  6. CakePHP: a rapid development framework for PHP that enables you to work in a structured manner.

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